We are glad to answer your enquiries and serve you later on the Corporate Training Programmes. In order to better prepare a Training Proposal to suit your company's need, please provide us with some basic information on:

1. Company profile
2. Training need
3. Potential learner group

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Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

The following areas are the common concerns for improvement to most managers, please identify FIVE areas, as it deems necessary, for us to initially plan your training proposal. Thank you.

# Management Subjects # Management Subjects
1. Effective managerial/supervisory skills
15. Effective chairing and participating a meeting
2. Effective work allocation and delegation of your work
16. Performance enhancement through coaching
3. Better managing your time with the 4G Time Management
17. Enhancing performance through systematic and creative thinking
4. Problem solving and decision making
18. Effective application of 5S
5. How to handle staff conflicts
19. Effective presentation skills
6. Becoming an effective leader
20. Enhancing your sales skill
7. Effective communication and coordination
21. Better understanding customer service
8. Management By Objectives (MBO) and effective supervision
22. How effective planning could assist you to enhance your performance
9. Effective handling of problematic customers
23. Effective event management
10. Building up effective working team (By Experiential Learning Approach)
24. Better interpersonal skills and morale through communication
11. How to better handle problematic staff
25. Practical business email writing
12. Effective negotiation skills
26. Business Process Re-engineering
13. Effective project management
27. How to better motivate your staff.
14. Effective planning and control
28. Any other management training (please specify)