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You are cordially invited to join Hong Kong Streetathon to be held on Sunday, 25 February 2018 at Kowloon East. There are 10 free quotas for our Association to join this event, either Half Marathon or 10km run. If you are interested and would like to get the free enrolment link, please contact Ms Nichola Wong on 2826 0521 or on or before Wednesday, 10 January 2018 5:00pm.
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In line with RunOurCity’s fun-filled races, the 5th “China Life (Overseas) 2018 HONG KONG STREETATHON @kowloon” took up the theme of “PLAY EAT RUN” and is calling for 20,000 runners to come and join us. Let’s PLAY EAT RUN!


項目包括:半馬拉松 或 10公里


Event Date: February 25th, 2018(Sunday)

Categories: Half Marathon or 10km



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PLAY! Winners of the funniest outfit award will get the
free round-trip air tickets to Japan!


是次「香港街馬@九龍」繼續玩嘢,賽事沿途表演及打氣不斷,嘉年華美食狂歡玩不停,為一眾跑手加油打氣。2018年的「最玩嘢扮相大獎」更將大玩特坃,特邀專業Cosplay團體擔任顧問及評判,鼓勵跑手發揮無限創意,扮鬼扮馬,一齊炮製最玩嘢街馬!個人組別頭三名得 獎者將可獲得日本來回機票乙張,及連同我地「國際活動聯盟」 — 東北風土馬拉松 嘅賽事名額!而 團體組別頭三名得獎者亦可以得到「香港街馬@九龍2019」嘅賽事名額!留定下年街馬嘅 參加名額俾你,繼續玩住跑!

RunOurCity carries on bringing joyous to our playful races. The STREETATHON will also offer an array of delicacies, performances and cheering activities along the way. We are honored to invite professional cosplay group as consultants and judges this year. Runners are encouraged to unleash their creativity and stand a chance to win a prize! Top 3 individuals winners will get an round trip air tickets to go to Japan and two race quotas for Tohoku Food Marathon for each winners! Top 3 team winners will get the free quotas for HONG KONG STREETATHON@kowloon 2019 race! Come to join our race with your FUNNIEST outfit!

EAT! Delicious delicacies!



The STREETATHON took up the theme of “PLAY EAT RUN” and became international event alliance with Tohoku Food Marathon in Japan. Various local and western delicacies will be provided along the race course, such as diced abalone, diced beef and Taiwanese pearl milk tea! (More will be announced shortly)


 相片只供參考。photos are for reference only.


RUN! The most playful races across Kowloon!
The view of Lion Rock at starting point!

2018年的十公里與半馬拉松(半馬)賽事,除終點前最後路段外,賽道將不重叠,起跑時段間距也更長,為跑手打造更暢通的街馬體驗。十公里賽事將延續往年精采之處,繼續跑入 日常的大街小巷。半馬將擷取2017年最精 要路段,半馬跑手將衝出九龍東,穿越 舊機場隧道至土瓜灣,九龍東、西合壁 。沿途城市景觀變化不斷,有維港美景伴隨,又可 於兩旁大廈林立的道路穿梭,而且半馬跑手更可以 在起步點望著獅子山上線,於日常不開放予行人的 架空高速道路,以不一樣的視野享受城市中央的街馬!
We are glad to announce that we will implement non-duplicated start times and routes (except the finish section) for both 10km and half marathon races. The new route of the half marathon is extracted from the wonderful one in 32.195km last year. This is the first time for the runners to run out of Kowloon East, pass through Kai Tak Tunnel, and get into Ma Tau Wai, To Kwa Wan and Kowloon West. The half marathon runners can also watch the view of Lion Rock at the starting point. As regards the 10km race, we retain our Streetathon culture and run along the streets, elevated highway, narrow alleys and the pulse of Kowloon to witness the changes of the city together.

新跑段,新景觀!Brand new routes and panorama!


Both of the 10km and half marathon races in 2018 will include new, never-ran-before routes at Kwun Tong Bypass with fascinating scenery of Victoria Harbor, accompany a new finish area at a section of Kai Tak Former Runway which will be accessible to the Public for the first time.

街跑 – 延續慈善籌款新方向!STREETATHON – continuous path in fundraising!

作為創新的社會企業,「全城街馬」全力發展跑入城市,聯繫社區,並以街跑 作為慈善籌款的新方向,以期創造更大的社會效益。自2013年成立以來,已通過舉辦「香港街馬」及其他賽事,四年多來成功為超過20家慈善機構籌款。「中國人壽(海外)2018香港街馬@九 龍」是為慈善團體香港業餘電台聯會、樂言社教育基金及RunOurCity Foundation的「街跑少年」計劃籌款。


「樂言社教育基金」是一家為基層青少年提供電腦動畫及藝術創作教育、就業支援及生涯規劃服務的非 牟利機構。「香港業餘電台聯會」是一個非牟利業餘無線電通訊愛好者建立的慈善團體,數十年來除推廣業餘無線電,及在香港各區建立並運作業餘無線電中繼站供同好使用外,更積極地義務為香港的山嶺及 其他慈善活動提供業餘無線電通訊,支援賽事監控、搜救行動等不可缺少的服務。「街跑少年」計劃是為青少年提供8星期專業而有系統的街跑培訓,以幫助他們參與10公里長跑比賽,並藉此培養他們對長跑運動的興趣,以及永不放棄的馬拉松精神。


An innovative social enterprise, RunOurCity has been promoting a new mode of running which runs the streets and connects the community to raise funds for charity and create great social impacts. Since its establishment in 2013, RunOurCity has been raising funds of over 20 charitable organizations through Streetathons and other races over the past four years. “China Life (Overseas) 2018 HONG KONG STREETATHON @kowloon” will be raising funds for three charities: Act Plus, The Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting Society and RunOurCity Foundation's "Youth.ROC" program.


Act Plus is a non-profit making organization that provides technical skills education in computer graphics / animation, career support and consultation services for underprivileged young people. The Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting Society ("HARTS") is a non-profit organisation established by amateur radio enthusiasts ("HAMs"). Over several decades, they have erected and maintained repeater stations and radio beacons across Hong Kong for the benefit of HAMs. Volunteers from HARTS actively involve in cross-country trail and other charitable events to provide communications not only to support race command but also coordination of search and rescue efforts. RunOurCity Foundation's Youth.ROC program is an 8 week professional and systematic street run program for young people with the target of running a 10km race. The aim is to help them develop an interest in long distance running and the never-give-up spirit of marathon.


2018年2月25日「中國人壽(海外)2018 香港街馬@九龍」,約定你玩‧食跑!想‧就跑!

FREE TO RUN! Come and PLAY EAT RUN on 25 Feb, 2018 “China Life (Overseas) 2018 HONG KONG STREETATHON @kowloon”!

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