Li Ka-shing College of Professional & Continuing Education
Library Materials Lending Services

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
9:00 am - 7:00 pm
1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The Library will be closed for the Public Holidays.

Arrangements for Library Opening/Closing during Black Rainstorm and Typhoon

1. Rainstorms: Hoisting of Black Rainstorm Signal
The Library will remain OPEN to ensure safe shelter for Library users during rainstorms, until the library staff say otherwise.

Typhoons: Hoisting of No.8 Signal
The Library will CLOSE once it is announced that the No.8 signal is likely to be hoisted within two hours.

3. Rainstorms and Typhoons: Lowering of Black Rainstorm and No.8 Typhoon Signals
At or before 4:00 pm The Library will open 2 hours after the cancellation of
the warning
After 4:00 pm The Library will remain closed


1. Admission to the Library is conditional upon the presentation of a valid HKMA or AIOU Student Identity Card. These cards are not transferable. In addition, the Librarian or a designated representative shall have the authority to request a user to produce his/her Hong Kong Identity Card for identification.
2. Loss of a Student Identity Card must be reported to the Course Administration Department of the HKMA without delay. A charge of HK$35 will be made for obtaining a replacement.

Conduct of Library Users

No person shall in the Library conduct himself/herself in a manner which, in the opinion of the Librarian, is not a proper use of the Library, or which interferes with the comfort or convenience of or use of the Library by others. The following rules should be observed by all users of the Library. Any infringement of these rules may result in the user's exclusion from the Library for the remainder of the day. Serious offences will be liable to further action.

1. Silence must be observed in the Library.

Users are strictly prohibited from using mobile phones, pagers, etc. in the Library. These devices should be deactivated before entering the Library.


Wet umbrellas, wet raincoats, food and drinks or articles, which may interfere with the proper use and management of the Library, are prohibited in the Library.


Notebook computers, audio and video equipment, cameras, photographic equipment and calculators with printers may not be used in the Library without the Librarian's express permission.


Smoking and games of any form are not permitted in the Library.


No reservation of library seating is allowed. Books and any other articles left for any length of time on chairs or tables may be removed by library staff.


Library users are required to sit in the places provided. Tables and chairs should not be misused or moved to new positions.


Library users are requested to treat the library materials carefully. Books and other library materials must not be mutilated or defaced. Full replacement cost will be charged if such damage is caused.


Copyright law should be strictly observed by all library users when making copies of library materials. Users are warned that they are fully responsible for any legal consequences concerning copyright that may arise.


Personal belongings must not be left unattended in the Library. The Library does not accept any responsibility for the loss of personal belongings in the Library.


Except with the permission of the Librarian or when accompanied by an adult, a person under 12 years of age shall not enter or use the Library, except for students of the HKMA David Li Kwok Po College.


All library users must enter and leave the Library through the normal entrances and exits unless directed otherwise by Library staff.


At the request of a Library staff member, all library materials and personal belongings must be shown for inspection at the Library exit. Library users may also be asked to show the contents of their bags, cases or other kinds of receptacles.

Borrowing Regulations

A holder of a valid Student Identity Card issued by the HKMA or AIOU can borrow and return library materials at the Library.

1. Loan records: Borrowers are responsible for all loans recorded through the use of their Student Identity Cards. Any loss of cards or change of personal data must be reported to the Course Administration Department of the HKMA as soon as possible.
2. Identification: Borrowers' Student Identity Cards must be produced when borrowing and returning the books.
3. Loan quotas and loan periods: Without the express permission of the Librarian, the maximum number of books in any period that a borrower may have on loan to him/her at one time are as follows:

Loan Period
14 days
Renewal Period
14 days
4. Borrowing procedure: No library material shall be removed from the Library until their issue has been properly recorded at the Library counter. Any infringement of this clause may lead to suspension from using the library.

Renewal: Borrowers may renew a loan for one additional period. Renewal must be made on or before the last date of the initial loan period. Otherwise, overdue fines will be charged. Any overdue fines incurred must be cleared before a renewal will be allowed. Overdue books can be renewed only at the library counter.


Fines: Borrowers are responsible for returning their loans on or before the due date. An overdue fine calculable immediately from the day following the date due will be charged at the rate of HK$5 per day per item. The maximum overdue fine chargeable is HK$150 per item. All fines must be paid at the library counter.


Assumed lost: Any material which has reached the maximum overdue fine and has not been returned, will be assumed to have been lost by the borrower who will be charged accordingly. Charges will include the processing cost, the replacement cost and the fines accrued.


Damage and loss of library materials: Any damage to a book must be reported immediately to the Librarian on duty. Borrowers will be responsible for any loss, mutilation, damage or disfigurement by writing or other marks while the materials are in their charge. They may be requested to pay the full value of the replacement in addition to a binding and processing charge.


Return procedure: All borrowers must return all loans to the Library counter or designated places to ensure that records of loans are cancelled at the counter according to the standard procedure when the books are returned.


Special rules: Notwithstanding anything in the above, the Librarian may from time to time make special regulations regarding admission to and use of particular areas of the Library. They may also make any special rules or waive any of the library regulations temporarily in special circumstances for the best interest of the library.


Penalties For Library Offences

A borrower found leaving the Library without charging out an item but not concealing it:

1st Offence - borrower will be served with a verbal warning.
2nd to 3rd Offences :
a) Serving of a warning letter by email; and
b) Imposition of a fine according to the following scale:
- 2nd offence - HK$100
- 3rd and subsequent offences - HK$200
c) Non-payment of a fine will result in suspension from using the Library.

Loss of Privileges

Infractions such as smoking, shouting, use of mobile phones, pagers, and other disturbances, are forbidden in all parts of the Libraries. The Librarian or an appointed deputy may expel from the library and school premises for the remainder of the day any person who is acting to annoy others or who is damaging books or other property. Payment must be made to cover all damages.

A gross breach of the Regulations may subject the borrower to a loss of library privileges.
1. Payment of Charges - If a borrower refuses to pay any outstanding charges (fines, replacement costs of damaged books or repair of damaged property), the Library will withhold his or her borrowing privileges until the account is cleared.
2. Unreturned Library Materials - The user's name will be recorded in the Library's register; an invoice will be sent to the user with the warning that his/her borrowing privilege will be suspended until the books are returned or the account is settled.

Repeated offences may lead to a total loss of the privilege of using the Library.