Certificate Programme on Human Resources Management

Commencement Date

13 Apr 2010

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An organization cannot just hire people, train them and arrange for them to be paid. We need to manage the needs of the human resources in strategically ways by finding new ways of monitoring their needs, respecting and developing them, motivating them and enhancing their productivity at work. Those are the new agendas for human resources management. In addition, many new developments in organizations and the community greatly affect our human resources management systems that include employee productivity, employee morale in the present economic environment, organizational downsizing, work diversity, new development of many employment related ordinances including the Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme, different Discrimination Ordinance, Private Data Ordinance, etc. Human resources executives and administrators face these new and unconventional employment issues and challenges which require them to have a new set of skills and knowledge to cope with the new demands and present contexts on human resources function.


1. Introduction
2. Present Context of Human Resources Management
3. Staffing Organization
4. Employee Recruitment and Selection
5. Employee Training and Development
6. Reward and Performance Management
7. Employee Governance
8. Conclusion
Language Medium

Cantonese (supplemented with English)

Member Fee

HK$ 2,850

Non-member Fee

HK$ 3,050 


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