Professional Certificate Programme on Risk and Crisis Management

Commencement Date

23 Nov 2004

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To survive in the competitive business world, management team and professionals must understand what kind of risks they are facing, how to manage crisis, and how to adopt strategies in turning risks into opportunities.

The Certified Risk Planner (CRP) programme is an advanced, comprehensive, and professional certification programme emphasizing both the theory and practice of business risk and crisis management. It is designed to assist managers, directors, executives, and professionals to learn how to manage and control the critical situations especially during, before, and after crisis. The certified risk planner principles will help broaden participantsĄŻ perspectives and make them becoming more effective in problem solving, decision making, managing strategic planning and communications.


1. Corporate Asset Management
2. Enterprise & Operational Risk Management
3. Six Sigma to Risk and Crisis Management Planning
4. Crisis management
5. Professional Code of Conduct, Business Ethics, and Corporate Social
6. Compliance and Audit
Language Medium


Member Fee

HK$ 5,800

Non-member Fee

HK$ 6,200 


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