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Advanced Diploma in Management Studies (English)
- A Professional Management Development Diploma Course

Jointly Organized with Lingnan University

 Commencement Date: 27 Oct 2014 Deadline for New Application: 5 Sep 2014
  Deadline for Current Students:22 Sep 2014

Why the ADMS?
  • Established since 1975
  • 1st ADMS for Hong Kong executives
  • Direct entry to master degrees and the final year of most top-up degree programmes in Hong Kong
  • Widely recognized by the business community
  • More than 17,000 graduates, exceptional business networking opportunity
  • Exemption up to 3 modules
  • 1 year to complete, flexible time schedule

The Advanced Diploma in Management Studies (ADMS) programme (formerly Diploma in Management Studies) is a Joint Diploma Programme undertaken by The Hong Kong Management Association and Lingnan University to meet the needs of in-service managers and executives who seek a formal education in modern business management. Through an accelerated development process, it provides managers and business executives with the essential management knowledge and expertise to make greater contributions to their organizations.

Programme Structure

The Advanced Diploma in Management Studies(ADMS) is a part-time evening programme which can be completed in 1 year. The management diploma course consists of a total of 12 modules and the structure is listed as follows:
Part I - Comprises 8 Basic Modules
1. Introduction to Management
2. The Economic Environment
What Business Employers say...
What our graduates say...
3. Accounting for Managers
4. Operations Management
5. Organizational Behaviour
6. Business Law
7. Marketing
8. Information Technology
Part II - Comprises 6 Optional Modules. Students must select any 2 out of the 6 modules
1. Human Resources Management
2. Change & Quality Management
3. Financial Management
4. Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
5. Management Accounting
6. Business Communication
Part III - Comprises 2 Modules
1. Business Strategy
2. Management Project

Language Medium
English (Materials and assessments in English)

Entry Requirements

HKCEE/Project Yi Jin Certificate graduate with at least 3 years of working experience; or
HKDSE/Yi Jin Diploma graduate with at least 2 years of working experience; or
HKAL with at least 1 year of working experience; or
Other equivalent qualification to be assessed by HKMA and LIFE
Advancement Path

Graduates of the Advanced Diploma in Management Studies (ADMS) course are eligible to apply for admission to the following Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes offered by various prestigious overseas universities in association with the HKMA. Those who are admitted to top-up Bachelor's programme may be granted exemption from 1 or 2 years of study of the programme.

Master Degrees
1. MBA Reg.210545
via Postgraduate Diploma Reg. 211318 (2.5 years)
Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Australia

2. MBA Reg. 252455 (18 months,Chinese / English Class)
Glyndwr University, UK

3. Master of Arts in Training and Human Resource Development Reg. 212216 (15-18 months)
Master of Engineering Management Reg. 210240 / 210688 (15 months, Chinese / English class)
University of Technology, Sydney
Bachelor Degrees
1. BA (Hons) Business Studies Reg. 252020 (8 months)
- Business Studies
- Events Management
- Finance

- Human Resource Management
- Logistics
- Marketing
- Public Relations
- Tourism
University of Greenwich,UK

2. BA (Hons) (1 year)
- Global Business & Logistics Management Reg. 251920
- Human Resource Management Reg. 251921
International Business Reg. 251922
- Marketing Management Reg. 251923
University of Huddersfield,UK

3. BA (Hons) (2-3 years, Chinese / English Class)
- Business Accounting Reg. 252452
- Business Management Reg. 252451
- Business Marketing Reg. 252450
Glyndwr University, UK

Advanced Diploma in Management Studies (ADMS)
(1 year, English Class)

Admission is on a competitive and individual basis entirely at the discretion of the respective universities. Admission criteria and procedures are set by them and are subject to change without prior notice. The Association does not give any warranty and will not accept any liability regarding the above.

It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which these courses may lead.

Application Period

The Advanced Diploma in Management Studies programme commences in March, July and October of each year.

Customer Services Hotline: 2774 8501 / 2774 8500 or via fax 2365 1000
ADMS Secretariat: 2774 8584, 2774 8514, 2774 8505
Email Address: dms@hkma.org.hk

The full Advanced Diploma in Management Studies (ADMS) programme has now been included in the CEF approved list. All modules are reimbursable for the CEF.

Name of Institution: HKMA
CEF Institution Code: 300
CEF Course Title: Advanced Diploma in Management Studies
Course Code: 21L04635-6

Students applying for the Continuing Education Fund (CEF) should submit their applications directly to the Office of the CEF before the commencement of the programme. For details, please visit the website: www.info.gov.hk/sfaa/cef or contact the CEF enquiry hotline: 3142 2277.

** CEF reimbursement for individual modules(Please refer to the information below)

Module Name: Individual CEF Code
Introduction to Management (a module of the Advanced Diploma in Management Studies) 21Z02945-2
Accounting for Managers (a module of the Advanced Diploma in Management Studies) 23Z01261-A
Marketing (a module of the Advanced Diploma in Management Studies) 21Z02949-5
Financial Management (a module of the Advanced Diploma in Management Studies) 23Z01192-3
Marketing Management (a module of the Advanced Diploma in Management Studies) 21Z02948-7
Business Communication (a module of the Advanced Diploma in Management Studies) 21Z03421-9
Business Strategy (a module of the Advanced Diploma in Management Studies) 21Z02944-4

 Commencement Date:  27 Oct 2014 Deadline for New Application:  5 Sep 2014
  Deadline for Current Students: 22 Sep 2014
Briefing Seminar
Date: Friday, 22 August 2014
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Venue: 1-6/F, First Commercial Building, 33-35 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay
HK$ 36300 ($3,000 per module + $300 application fee) - payable by 3 instalments per term First Term: 1st instalment (HK$1,000 per module + $300 application fee)

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