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Small and medium enterprises play a significant role in the Hong Kong economy. It comprises over 98% of the business community in Hong Kong and employs approximately 60% of the working population in the private sector. To enhance their competitiveness, quality management must be incorporated into their daily operations. Constant re-evaluation is also essential for them to stay ahead of the market.

A "Special Award for SMEs" category was established in 2005 to encourage their pursuit of Total Quality Management.

There are two award titles in this category:
· Special Award for Established and Medium Enterprises (for participants that employ 51 to 300 persons in Hong Kong)
· Special Award for Small Enterprises and Start-ups (for participants that employ less than 50 persons in Hong Kong)
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· All SMEs registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance, are eligible to apply for this Award. SMEs are defined to be any industries and businesses which employ not more than 300 persons in Hong Kong.
· Applicants who have not entered the Quality Award in the same year.
· All Subunits of larger (parent) organizations may apply for the Award if they are sufficient in their own right to be examined in all seven Criteria Categories. An applicant should have substantial authority to make major administrative and operational decisions, but it may receive policy direction and oversight from the parent organization. It should be a discrete business entity that is readily distinguishable from other parts of the parent organization. Normally, aspects such as the distinctiveness of business nature/offerings and uniqueness of business strategies in comparison with other parts of the parent organization will be considered. An organization cannot send more than one subunit to enter the Award in the same year.

The Hong Kong Management Association reserves the right to make the final and binding decision on the eligibility of applicants.

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Submission provided by applicant. The assessment will be in the following stages:
All applicants have to submit an Written Submission, in Question and Answer format.
Shortlisted applicants will be invited to participate in a two-hour Site Visit. During the Site Visit, the examiners will interview employees and review pertinent records and date. The objective is to verify the information provided in the Written Submission and to answer questions raised during the board's review. The choice of dates will be decided by the Board of Examiners. In the event of a Site Visit, the applicant must provide the necessary transportation , accommodation (if applicable) and other logistical arrangements to enable the smooth conduct of the Site Visit.
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The formal announcement and award presentation ceremony will take place at the Quality Award Dinner.
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To ensure that Award applicants will gain maximum benefit from participation in the Quality Award, a nominal Application Fee of HK$3,800 will be charged upon the submission of the Application Form. The fee covers three complimentary seats at the Quality Award Seminar, one seat at the Award Presentation Dinner, and a 60-minute complimentary private workshop on TQM.