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Cheung Kong Holdings Citybase Property Management

Examiners' Report

Cheung Kong Holdings Citybase Property Management has built upon their ISO 9000 system and, using the award criteria, has refined its management philosophy and mechanisms to seek improvements. The Board of Examiners has elected the company to receive a Certificate of Merit in the 2000 HKMA Quality Award. Some of Citybase"s particular strengths are summarised below:

1. Leadership

The leadership's understanding of business roots and change patterns has been applied to transform the image and performance of the property manager. During this process, top management has developed a unique culture to foster, share and reinforce their vision and values, whilst actively encouraging learning and innovation. The company participates in environmental initiatives, promotions and other good corporate citizen activities whilst being observant of legislative requirements.

2. Strategic Planning

During annual management retreats, core values have been reviewed and significant industry trends identified and analyzed to plot strategies and develop company action plans for improvement. Each department and property manager then establishes measurable objectives and plans to tie in with and meet the company actions.

3. Customer and Market

Focus A wide range of sensors and means of communication have been developed to help better understand customers needs, collect feedback and enhance relationships. These means include Performance Pledges, Hi-Touch Management, Newsletters and Customer Suggestion Forms. Customer and market segmentation is clear with different procedures and facilities in use to cater for the variation in
needs and to monitor customer satisfaction with the introduction of new services.

4. Information and Analysis

Critical Success Factors have been established and a wide range of information and data gathering processes are in place to measure their achievement and to establish other areas of performance. Senior management reviews reports to ensure service standards are maintained consistently across all properties whilst action milestones are closely monitored at functional levels. There is a systematic approach adopted to analyze these reports, track up-stream problems, validate data and develop solutions.

5. Human Resource Focus

Citybase has demonstrated their emphasis on achievement of quality through people. For example, attention is given to ensure that employee performance management is fair and supportive of high performance. A coupon award system and individual certificates are used to recognize and further motivate high performers. "Management by Objectives" supplements individual appraisals and .
performance enhancement is planned using a three-tier system of identifying training needs. Employee health and safety is monitored and promoted using audits and quarterly competitions

6. Process Management

The company uses various improvement mechanisms to look at documentation, test reasonableness, streamline policies and processes and simplify workflow. Performance pledges define customer service delivery cycle times, whilst support functions also establish internal pledges and hold regular communication sessions with functional heads, including site visits to obtain front line feedbackon their services. Internal audits are also used to monitor support service performance.

7. Business Results

Demonstrated improvements in customer satisfaction during a period of growth underpin Citybase's success in winning the 1999 Hongkong Service Award in the Customer Service category. At the same time, satisfaction with management is at a high level and staff commitment to the improvement drive has increased. Several awards in Human Resources management demonstrate industry leadership recognition in this area. The results of efforts to save costs, better manage accounts and improve cash flow in several key areas have been successful.

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