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Cheung Kong Holdings Goodwell Property Management
Examiners' Report
Cheung Kong Holdings Goodwell Property Management has nurtured a strong culture for excellence driven by a well established vision and mission. The company has implemented holistic TQM initiatives with encouraging results. The company' s strengths are highlighted in the following categories:

1. Leadership

The CEO and management team provide direction for the organization through the vision statement, core values, mission and the ultimate goals. With the CEO dialogue sessions, the strategic direction of the company is cascaded down to all levels of staff. Implementation programmes are proactive, innovative and consistent with the goals for superior quality and providing a customer preferred service.

2. Strategic Planning

Senior executives lead a structured strategic planning session with the application of STEP and SWOT analysis for developing strategic plans. The "used to document the rolling strategic plan and as a deployment mechanism to cascade strategic targets to every staff member.

3. Customer and Market Focus

Goodwell has adopted a wide range of channels to collect and understand the needs of customers. In addition to the use of annual customer satisfaction surveys and focus group meetings, customer suggestion promotion days are organized periodically to proactively collect the views of customers. These channels provide the company with broad, validated and continuous input to stay current with market changes. Markets are segmented according to the nature of properties hence customer requirements.

4. Information and Analysis

Performance measurement systems are in place to understand, align and improve performance at all levels of the organization. Performance data are used as a reference in the performance appraisal system to link analysis to concrete operational support and decision making. Measures and indicators are selected according to the strategic priorities as mapped out in the strategic planning process. Monthly reviews and end-of-the-

year analysis are conducted to gauge the overall health of the organization.

5. Human Resource Focus

High performance employees and teams are rewarded through various schemes such as Quality Performance Award Scheme, Employee Recognize Employee Scheme, with due recognition advertised internally. Detailed job roles and skill requirements are identified and made accessible to all staff through the Knowledge Management System. The Company also emphasizes the use of different benchmarking exercises to develop and release staff potential.

6. Process Management

Goodwell has identified key delivery processes using a Critical Success Factors survey and Key Performance Indicators have been developed from the strategic plan. The company has incorporated changing customer requirements into process design via the "Complaint Recovery System Organization alignment is also assured by the application of "Service Expectation Agreements" among supporting and functional departments.

7. Business Results

The company has a strong profit growth and return on assets. Contract retention has remained at 100% since 1997. The annual Customer Satisfaction Survey shows positive and sustained improvement trends since implementation in 1994. Positive growth in employee satisfaction has been observed while work safety has also been improved significantly in recent years. The results in other areas such as
partnership/contractor management and productivity gain have also been successful. Resulting from excellent performance in various areas, the company has won numerous awards in leadership, human resources management, productivity and customer service.
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