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Cheung Kong Holdings Goodwell Property Management

Report Summary
Cheung Kong Holdings Goodwell Property Management was established in 1981 and has a mission to improve its customers' quality of life. Goodwell provides comprehensive property management services for its customers by giving them a comfortable environment to live, work or spend their leisure time. The company's managed portfolio is so diverse that the quality of its services can really affect the daily
life of its customers. Goodwell's customers living in the residential portfolio count on it to provide a good living environment for them to enjoy life; when they go to work, its industrial or office buildings are managed so well that customers need only focus on their business operations; while a well-managed shopping centre is best for customers to spend their leisure time and shop owners to run their businesses.

Apart from the provision of basic services like security, cleaning, maintenance and repair, Goodwell is the first property management company to provide hotel-style service for its customers. The company has been offering this innovative service since 1995 by introducing services which can only be found in hotels like housekeeping service, limousine service, flower delivery, meal delivery, home repair works, tickets reservation for various transportation and so forth.

To Goodwell, quality is the standard of service which meets the requirements of the customers.


The senior management develops and regularly reviews the vision and the mission of the organization with the participation of the managers with a view to creating a sense of ownership. The expectations of customers, employees, shareholders and the society are given full consideration to strike a balance.

Moreover, senior leaders set the strategic direction and the performance expectations of the
company together with the managers who then communicate the strategic plan to all employees through the leadership structure. In addition, senior leaders attend to all induction courses to introduce the vision and the core values of the organization to all new recruits.

The senior management believes that communication is the best way to improve creativity and so there are regular dialogue sessions between the senior management and employees of all levels.

Goodwell addresses its responsibilities to the public by upholding full conformance to legal requirements, active participation in protecting the environment and an emphasis on organizational involvement and support in community activities.

Strategic Planning

The senior management together with all the managerial staff set and review the long range strategic plan every year and then develop the annual operation plan. In formulating the strategic plan, the changing expectations of all the stakeholders, the external environments and the past performance of the organization are carefully reviewed and analyzed to identify opportunities and threats.

Once the strategic plan is finalized, all department or section heads develop their own action plans to ensure the overall results are achieved.

Customer and Market Focus

Customers, being a major stakeholder, are always the focus of the organization. Goodwell spares no effort in collecting information on its customers, including their likes and dislikes, their satisfaction level, and their changing expectations. Towards this end, a number of channels have been developed to enhance two-way communication with the customers such as suggestion boxes, annual customer satisfaction survey, home visits,
service hotlines and so forth. Management staff meet each month to review the feedback from customers and seek ways to improve the service standard.

The focus on customers helps the organization to develop innovative service plans to cater for the needs of each market segment. As recognition for this achievement, Goodwell was given the Customer Service Merit Prize by the Hong Kong Retail Management Association in 1998.

Information and Analysis

Technologies are widely used to collect all the information in line with the business needs and strategic direction. The information collected is analyzed for review and planning processes.

Apart from being used for review and planning, information gathered is further developed as the knowledge of the organization. To leverage the use of knowledge, an electronic knowledge management system is in place to facilitate the creation, retention and sharing of the knowledge among the staff of Goodwell. With the help of the knowledge management system, the standard of service provided for customers has improved substantially, while the time and human resources employed has declined significantly.

Human Resource Focus

Operating in a labour-intensive environment, property management companies rely heavily on human resource to succeed. Goodwell is well aware of this and exerts great effort in promoting good human resource management inside the organization.

To help its staff in further advancement in their careers, Goodwell puts substantial effort in training and development. Every year, there is an exercise of reviewing the training needs of all employees. The superiors would make a thorough study and then propose the training necessary for their subordinates. The organization would then draw up a training plan to cater for the needs detailed in the analysis. The effort of Goodwell in training helps to build up a capable and highly motivated workforce.

Besides training, Goodwell is keen to promote good human resource management by introducing new channels for the two-way communication between all the staff and the senior management, thereby enhancing employee participation.

The human resource effort of Goodwell has helped it to win the Enlightened Employers Award in 1998 from the Labour Department, the Merit Award of the Award for Excellence in Training in 1999 from the Hong Kong Management Association and the Good People Management Award in 1999.

Process Management

Goodwell designs processes which meet the needs of its customers. To maintain consistency amongst all processes and ensure the quality of the service delivered, Goodwell has implemented a quality system that meets the requirements of ISO 9002 and has been certified as such across the entire company since 1998.

To seek for continuous improvement, a number of cross-functional process improvement teams have been set up to review and make improvement to all the processes. Benchmarking exercises are also conducted to study the best practices in the industry.

Business Results

Despite the economic turmoil, Goodwell continued to expand its portfolio in the past two years. As a wholly owned subsidiary of a renowned property developer in Hong Kong, the prime objective of Goodwell is to let its customers enjoy the properties to the fullest. A good indicator is the annual customer satisfaction survey, which shows how customers are happy with the services provided by Goodwell, an organization that safeguards their lives and properties, and strives to improve their quality of life. The results of the survey are highly encouraging, with the satisfaction rate rising from 40% in 1994 to 97% in 1999.

Another important business indicator is cost. Goodwell strives to increase customer satisfaction on the one hand and reduce cost on the other. With the support of information technology and process improvement, operating cost has been reduced by more than 12% per annum in the last two years.


Quality is a never-ending journey. Goodwell constantly strives to bring better value to its customers at a lower cost. Through open style leadership, well-structured strategic planning, good market sensitivity, the knowledge management system and customer-focused process management, Goodwell seeks to help its customers to improve their quality of life.

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