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Examiners' Report
PARKnSHOP was established in Hong Kong in 1973 and is now a leading local supermarket chain currently operating 186 outlets including 29 Superstores selling a wide range of local and international foods, wines and household products. In addition, the Superstores have successfully tapped into the "wet market" and cooked food sectors selling a variety of popular dishes, fresh vegetables and live fish.

1. Leadership

PARKnSHOP has clearly defined their mission, goals and strategies and established various channels to communicate corporate direction to employees at all levels. The management has implemented a Fresh Check programme to improve standards of food safety and hygiene. To support this initiative a Food Hygiene Academy has been set up to educate employees to be professional in handling food. These initiatives are now setting a standard for the industry to follow.

2. Strategic Planning

The corporate mission was established following a systematic strategic review with senior executives also being actively involved in a structured process of developing long and short term strategic plans. Specific Critical Success Factors ("CSFs") are identified and each CSF is driven by a dedicated group of executives. In addition, customer data and market survey information are constantly fed into the strategic planning and review process.

3. Customer and Market Focus

PARKnSHOP has a clearly defined market segmentation and conducts extensive market research and customer surveys to understand market trends and customer needs. Competitive information has also been taken into consideration in formulating marketing strategies and promotional campaigns. Inresponse to customer expectations for better value for money, PARKnSHOP launched a Price Watch Campaign to deliver "unbeatable value" and as a result of these efforts has achieved a high level of customer satisfaction.

4. Information and Analysis

Senior executives review performance information on a regular basis through the Strategy Group and Board Meetings with special focus on the achievement of the Critical Success Factors. Key performance information is constantly communicated to employees to ensure organizational alignment. Comparative data and competitive information are readily available to facilitate action planning and reporting. In addition, the company regularly monitors and tracks the approach on how information and data are collected and analyzed.

5. Human Resource Focus

PARKnSHOP maintains an effective work system to drive a performance driven culture within the organization. The company adopts a "Skill Based Pay System" at the store level to ensure a high level of staff performance. Training and education programmes are designed based on individual needs, existing job performance as well as constant input from employees. Moreover, the company has established a Safety and Health Committee to ensure the safety and well being of customers and employees. Regular Staff Forums have been organized to encourage two way communications between employees and senior management.

6. Process Management

There is a well-defined business planning and management process in place that is conducive to efficient and effective workflow. Clear goals and service pledges have been established forprocess deliverables. In addition, the company audits fresh food from its suppliers to ensure they meet the required standards of the Fresh Check Supplier Award Scheme. The company is dedicated to build a win-win partnership with its suppliers by upgrading their management and professional capabilities.

7. Business Results

Improved market share, sales performance and customer loyalty make stand out from its competitors. The launch of the "wet market" section in Superstores has successfully built up a new area for future business expansion. The award of ISO 9002 certification for the Fresh Food Distribution Centre reinforces the company's commitment to quality.
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