Mr Arthur Huang
CEO and Founder


Mr Arthur Huang is a structural engineer, architect, and circular economy innovator. He has spent over a decade turning post-consumer waste into innovative products for businesses and consumers through his company, MINIWIZ. As founder and CEO of MINIWIZ since 2005, Arthur is focused on accelerating the shift to a closed-loop circular economy where all products are made from recycled materials and eventually, even those products will be recycled. Today, MINIWIZ is a global leader in transforming post-consumer products into retail store interiors, architectural structures, and consumer goods.

Under Arthur's leadership, MINIWIZ has received the World Economic Forum's Technology Pioneer Award, The Financial Times' Earth Award, and The Wall Street Journal's Asian Innovation Award. Arthur has been a National Geographic Explorer since 2016 and the World Economic Forum recognized him as the Runner up for The Circular Leadership Award 2019 Davos. In February 2019, the World Economic Forum named MINIWIZ as one of the top 11 companies leading the way to a circular economy.

Speech Title and Synopsis

Trash is Our Building Block

The trash problem we find ourselves immersed within is an opportunity to transform the way we design, engineer, and manufacture. It can become the new building blocks of society and has potential to power the circular economies of the future. The first step is to convert the waste we see into a sustainable solution by engineering trash into beautiful and functional products we actually want to buy. This is the future but it is also the now.

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