Mr Deniz Güven
Virtual Bank by Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong


Mr Deniz Güven is an internationally recognised leader in driving digital transformations and bringing new digital banking experiences to audiences globally. As the CEO of the virtual bank by Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong, Deniz leads the team in building a smart bank to solve clients’ pain points with real digital services. The new banking model focuses on financial inclusion and fostering dynamic partnerships to create a comprehensive digital ecosystem. Deniz joined Standard Chartered in 2017 as the Global Head, Design and Client Experience, where he oversaw client journey and optimizations, digital wealth, and collaborations with tech firms and start-ups. Prior to joining Standard Chartered, Deniz served as the Senior Vice President at BBVA Group’s Garanti Bank in Turkey. During his role at Garanti, Deniz was responsible for end-to-end digital assets, as well as iGaranti, the first mobile only bank in Turkey. Deniz played an important role which enabled Garanti to reach 5 million active digital customers and to grow their market share in Turkey.

Deniz holds a Bachelor's Degree in New Media and Communications from Marmara University and an MBA from Istanbul Bilgi University. In addition to being a technology enthusiast, he enjoys yoga, writing and supporting the Besiktas Football Club.

Speech Title and Synopsis

Brave New Bank

When Aldous Huxley wrote 'Brave New World' in 1931 almost 90 years ago, he talked about Incubation Centre and Human Accelerators in the context of a futuristic dystopian society. Today those same words are still used in various industries, though with much different meanings. In today's lexicon, they tend to have cutting-edge implications. In banking, we believe these phrases will again be re-defined by a new chapter of the 'Brave New Bank', referring to the precise execution and results-driven outcomes in digital transformation stories.

Join to hear Deniz Güven discuss innovation in Hong Kong and the development of a Brave New Bank.

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