Tony Wong 黃浩昌
Co-founder & CEO


Tony Wong, the Co-founder, and CEO of SHOPLINE, a 2x serial entrepreneur, experienced product manager, and full stack developer. Before founding SHOPLINE, Tony has managed high profile projects in media and e-commerce industries such as TVB and Next Media, as well as founding Viss, a fashion e-commerce and media platform in Asia. Having lived in Latin America, South East Asia, and North America, Tony brings great diversity and global insights into SHOPLINE's startup culture.

At SHOPLINE, Tony had grown the team rapidly from 3 to 250 within 5 years and built a full-featured platform with an agile team. Now, SHOPLINE is the largest smart commerce enabler in Asia, with offices locations spread across Hong Kong, Taiwan, Ho Chi Minh City, Shenzen, and Kuala Lumpur. Up to date, SHOPLINE has empowered over 150,000 merchants to build their stores globally.

Speech Title and Synopsis

"Execution is the Key to Innovation"

Many have awesome ideas that are plausible with the current technologies that we have, but very few are able to execute the ideas properly so that they can become a reality, have a product-market-fit, and be beneficial to its audience. Execution is easier said than done and requires commitment from stakeholders and executioners to make it happen. There are a few things to bear in mind to ensure that an idea can be executed successfully.

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