Organize high-powered forums and seminars with eminent practitioners in healthcare industry;

Launch Master's degree programme on business psychology, and on healthcare management and leadership with reputable UK university;

Develop high-impact management programmes for healthcare executives and institutions;

Organize programmes for executives health such as Advanced Diploma in Healthcare Service Management and Professional Diploma in Chinese Food Therapy for Health Cultivation;

Support conference and campaign on digital health, and on healthcare management;

Organize education and training programmes for parents and executives such as Executive Diploma in Child Psychology and Diploma in Educational Psychology.

HKMA is the supporting organization of the Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit 2020
HKMA is the supporting organization of "Doctor Know" - an Information and Clinical Service Portal
Advanced Diploma in Healthcare Service Management
Online Certificate Course on Environmental Health and Prevention of Epidemic in Properties
Executive Diploma in Organizational Psychology - Handling Difficult Staff & Troublesome Colleagues
Professional Diploma in Dental Nursing
Certificate Course on Children Nutrition and Weight Management
Diploma in Applied Nutrition and Weight Management
Executive Diploma in Employees Psychological, Emotional Counselling and Crisis Management
Diploma in Applied Sport Injury Management and Sport Nutrition
Executive Diploma in Applied Management and Psychology
Diploma in Educational Psychology - Children Learning and Growth
Executive Diploma in Child Psychology
Diploma in Healthcare and Dietary Management for the Elderly
Certificate Course on Nutrition Therapy
Certificate Course on Emotional Health