The Scheme

It has been a world-wide trend for academic institutions and educational organisations to appoint Professors of Practice in support of their teaching, research and development programmes. The HKMA Institute of Advanced Management Development as the world-class management development platform of a leading professional organisation advancing management excellence is now in a position to offer to highly regarded individuals the title of Professor of Practice so that they will make significant contribution to the further development of AMD. Typically, they are practitioners who have a distinguished career in their respective areas of expertise, although there is no exclusion of renowned academics being awarded the honour. In turn, the Professor of Practice designation represents an effective way for these individuals to serve the wider business community through their work at the AMD.

The title Professor of Practice may be offered to individuals who have made enormous contributions to the society, locally, regionally or globally, and would be prepared to support the future development of the AMD. It is the AMD's objective to identify these individuals in fields that are central to its development strategies.


Professors of Practice are distinguished practitioners or academicians who have made significant contribution to fields and disciplines relevant to the development of AMD, and are committed to enhancing the reputation and the development of AMD; and have a reputation for excellence.