Hong Kong Management Association

2017 Susan Yuen Fellowship & Research Foundation Scholarships


To recognize the outstanding services of the late Mrs Susan Yuen to industry and commerce in Hong Kong, members of The Hong Kong Management Association and the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, on the occasion of her retirement as Chief Executive of the two organizations, established the Susan Yuen Fellowship and Research Foundation.

The aim of the Foundation is to provide financial support for in-service executives to attend practical management courses.


Full scholarship will be granted for all the programmes listed.
  1. Advanced Diploma in Management Studies
  2. Advanced Diploma in Business Management
  4. Criminology
  5. Professional Accounting Studies
  6. Professional Security Trainer
  7. Secretarial and Administrative Studies
  9. Accounting and Taxation in Mainland China
  10. Applied Management Psychology
  11. Commercial Banking Practices and Treasury Operations Management
  12. Communication Skills for Commanders
  13. Digital Public Relations
  14. Employment Ordinance and Taxation
  15. Fraud and Corporate Crime Investigation
  16. Financial Management
  17. Marketing and Digital Strategy
  18. Sales and Digital Strategy
  19. Supervisory and Team Management
  21. Business Administrative Management
  22. Digital Marketing
  23. Estate and Services Management
  24. Hospitality Management
  25. Human Resource Management
  26. Jewelry Design
  27. Logistics and Import-Export Management
  28. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  29. Marketing and Retail Management
  30. Property and Facilities Management
  31. Purchasing and Merchandising Management
  33. Criminal Law
  34. Digital Content Marketing
  35. Employment Ordinance and Employment Disputes
  36. Estate and Services Management
  37. Event and Function Management
  38. Laws of Termination of Employment Contract in Mainland China
  39. Logistics Management
  40. O2O E-Commerce
  41. Personnel Adminstration and Operations
  42. Professional Business English - Part I: Written Business English
  43. Project Management for Project Managers and Engineers
  44. Public Relations Writing
  45. Training and Development
  46. 不一樣的客戶體驗: 以詠春理念及技巧處理暴戾顧客及保護其他顧客 (FHKI)
  47. 「正向領導力」 企業NLP及教練學證書課程 (FHKI)

Programme Enquiry

Please contact HKMA on 2774 8501.

Scholarship Enquiry

Please contact HKMA on 2774 8507. (Ms Clara Chu)


Applications for the Scholarships are open to
- Permanent residents of Hong Kong and aged 25 or above
The scholarship will only be granted to new student and it is not applicable for Second Term enrolment or onwards. Scholarship recipients will not be eligible to apply for the Continuing Education Fund (CEF) for the above programmes.

Vetting of Applications

Applicants have to fulfil the entrance requirements of the respective programmes. Applicants will be screened to ensure that their academic qualifications and career background will enable them to benefit from the courses.

How to apply

Those who are interested are requested to complete the application form and return it together with the course enrolment form and photocopies of relevant certificates to The Hong Kong Management Association, 16/F, Tower B, Southmark, 11 Yip Hing Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, on or before Friday, 13 October 2017 (Attention: Ms Clara Chu). They are also requested to write a short essay, either in English or in Chinese, of at least 300 words on the reasons for seeking a scholarship and state how the scholarship will further help your development. Successful applicants will be notified of the results in writing.

Application Deadline: Friday, 13 October 2017