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"What it takes to create an Authentic Organization?"


The Institute of Advanced Management Development of The Hong Kong Management Association will be bringing in Professor George E. Newman of Yale School of Management to Hong Kong to deliver a World-Class Management Development programme on "From Engagement to Collaboration and Synergy: Creating Organizational Authenticity".

Hong Kong. 16 January 2017: In collaboration with The Hong Kong Management Association, the Yale School of Management will launch in March 2017 an innovative programme in Hong Kong that will discuss creating organizational authenticity through building employee engagement as well as creating and sustaining collaboration.

On a daily basis, employees will be confronted with innumerable decisions, each of which represents an opportunity to take (or not take) actions that support the organization`s goals and objectives. How employees act when confronted with these decisions will depend in part on who they are as individuals - their values, beliefs, and capabilities. It will also depend on various aspects of the context, such as rewards and incentives, and the extent to which they regard the organization`s success as personally meaningful. Finally, it will depend on their relationship with their bosses and whether they accept their bosses` authorities as legitimate, find their bosses credible, and come to internalize their bosses` objectives and values as their own.

The followings will be discussed during the programme:

  • How best to leverage management systems to effectively achieve organizational goals.
  • Drawing insights from management theory as well as cutting-edge research, the choices made in hiring, employee incentives, and exercising interpersonal leadership will be considered.
  • Strategies that best align employees` actions with the organization`s goals and objectives, while also empowering employees to uphold their personal values and ethics on the job, even when confronted with pressures to do otherwise.

The 1.5 day programme at the Hong Kong Management Association, on 29 & 30 March 2017, is designed for senior executives and business leaders who have responsibility for creating trust and perception of authenticity for the organization. Programme topics include "Aligning Tasks and Compensation", "The Dynamics of Team Synergy", and "Creating Organizational Authenticity".

The programme was designed by Professor George E. Newman, PhD, who is an Associate Professor of Management & Marketing, Psychology and Cognitive Science at Yale University. He is a leading scholar in the fields of management studies and consumer behavior. In addition to numerous publications in leading scientific journals including Nature and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences his research is regularly featured in popular media outlets such as The New York Times, Scientific American, The Wall Street Journal and The Economist.

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Issued by The Hong Kong Management Association on 26 January 2017.

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