Edward de Bono's Programmes

About Dr Edward de Bono

Dr Edward de Bono is the world's leading authority on conceptual thinking as the driver of organisational innovation, strategic leadership, individual creativity, and problem solving. Since 1970, his exclusive tools and methods have brought astonishing results to organisations large and small worldwide and to individuals from a wide range of cultures, educational backgrounds, occupations and age groups. Dr de Bono delivers the advanced training solutions so needed for success in these challenging times. Dr de Bono has been credited with producing thinking techniques that are simple, practical, and powerful. His Six Thinking Hats , Lateral ThinkingTM , and DATTTM(Direct Attention Thinking Tools) training courses are now being implemented in organisations of all sizes because of their simplicity and their power to change thinking behaviour, increase productivity, foster team-building, and evoke profitable innovation.

Dr de Bono was recently listed on Accenture's List of the Top 50 Business Intellectuals.

About his Lifetime Certified Master Trainers - Sir Dr Peter Low and Mrs Linda Low

As the Official Representative Office (Asia) for Dr de Bono's Methods, Sir Dr Peter Low and Mrs Linda Low are the first two of only four persons in the world to be awarded the status of Lifetime Certified Master Trainer by Dr de Bono in January 2002. They have conducted more than 1,600 seminars for executives from major corporations and businesses and governments. They include Senior Medical Consultants who practise under the aegis of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, engineers who work for the MTR (Hong Kong) and the MRT (Singapore), China Light and Power, architects who work for the Housing Development Board (Singapore), senior executives and CEOs from reputable organisations such as the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Daimler Chrysler and other giants in the finance, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and hospitality industries.

What Others Say ...

Here are just a few endorsements of some of the most intelligent personalities in the world who have spoken very clearly in favour of Dr de Bono's Tools for Quality Thinking and Creativity.

When interviewed by a journalist from The Straits Times, June 4, 1997, during his visit to Singapore to speak at the Seventh International Conference on Thinking, Dr PAUL MACCREADY, inventor of the world's first human and solar-powered aircraft and car, was asked what he would change about education worldwide.

His answer:

"First, I would introduce Edward de Bono's thinking courses in all schools."

TOM PETERS, author of In Search of Excellence and one of the world's most highly respected management gurus, who topped the list of most credible of business leaders?(Straits Times, Monday, February 26, 1996) wrote in his book The Tom Peters Seminar (Macmillan London 1994 pg. 207):

"There are time tested techniques for milking people's wackier ideas. You'd do no better than to attend one of creativity guru Edward de Bono's seminars; invest heavily in using such techniques to solve all problems."

Administrative Details

Date Please refer to the brochure
Time 9 am - 4:30 pm
Venue The Hong Kong Management Association
1-6/F First Commercial Building 33-35 Leighton Road
Causeway Bay Hong Kong
(Per 1-day Seminar)
HKMA Member: HK$3,000 per person

Non-member: HK$3,200 per person

Early bird discount: 10% discount (for payment received 2 weeks in advance)

Lunch is provided with compliment.