Hear from Our Alumni

Professor Paul Gillis PhD(Macq), CPA
Visiting Professor of Accounting
Guanghua School of Management
Peking University

"I chose the Macquarie University PhD part-time programme because of its high standard of excellence, international reputation and flexible options. I have to say that I am proud to study under one of the global leaders in my field of research."

Master of Management Class of 2004
MBA Class of 2005

Ms Lily Agonoy
Managing Director
BCD Travel Hong Kong

"The flexibility of block classes made it easier for me to achieve a work life balance when I was focusing on both career and my studies. There are many ways to build a professional network through MGSM. I was able to do so by connecting with alumni / fellow students via the many networking events organzied by MGSM in Hong Kong."

Master of Management Class of 2007
MBA Class of 2009

Mr Mark Weir
Shopper Insights Director Europe
PepsiCo Europe/ Global Accounts Team

"MGSM is well-regarded internationally, and this will allow my master degrees to have acceptance around the world. I also found the insights I gained about other businesses and industries from fellow classmates to be extremely valuable to my development and in many cases have led to new innovative business transformations within my own company."

Master of Management Class of 2007

Mr Eric Tam
Head of Corporate Administration
Celestial Asia Securities Holdings Limited

"Unlike traditional lectures, MGSM's innovative face-to-face learning format focuses on group discussion and presentations. This allows students to draw on the knowledge of classmates who are experienced professionals and from a wide range of industries.

The program placed me in real-life scenarios making me draw on my own work experience in order to contribute to class discussion and challenge my own thinking."

MBA Class of 2006

Mr Aaron Ng
Senior Product Manager, Fund Services
HSBC Securities Services

"MGSM's reputation in the Asia Pacific region was one of the reasons why I chose to study at MGSM. The weekend block class format helped reduce the impact of my studies on my work.

The classes and group work in the program were tremendously valuable. I found the size of the classes, which allowed for open discussion and participation to be very beneficial, and being taught by Australian Academics provided and Australian learning environment with an Asian influence. The group work aspect of the program also allowed me to work with people from various industries and at different levels.

The MBA program provided me the opportunity to study areas which relate to current day managers. MGSM has given me the knowledge, both academic and practical, to ensure I can utilize these skills in my career."

Master of Management Class of 2010
MBA Class of 2011

Mr Billy Yeung
(HKSAR) Customs & Excise Department

"I chose the MGSM MBA programme for its fine reputation and flexibility of the block-classes. It was an amazing experience all the way - not only have I gained precious knowledge and friends, my horizons were also broadened and I am able to tackle issues and problems with a more practical and holistic approach.

The course encourages students' active participation into discussions and case studies, allowing students to apply theories and models to real-life case scenarios. Students can contribute different ideas and experiences through in-class debates and cooperation on assignments. The dynamic learning environment fosters a very positive impact on the course and participants alike, where we are always motivated to ""Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish"".

I sincerely recommend MGSM those who wish to excel in their life and career."

Master of Management Class of 2012
MBA Class of 2013

Mr Eimund Loo
National Anti-Piracy Lead
Microsoft Hong Kong

"While there are a plethora of MBA courses on offer in Hong Kong through numerous local and internationally ranked schools, the choice to complete my MBA with MGSM was simple for me as not only did they provide everything expected of a globally recognised graduate school, their course structure, lecturers and support team catered to full time professionals where every effort was made to help balance work commitments and receiving a quality, challenging graduate education.

The MGSM course curriculum that I experienced was always up to date, covering current affairs and events impacting the marketplace at that moment. Throughout my MBA program with MGSM, I was continuously impressed by the diversity, the depth and breadth of experience brought to the classroom not only by the lecturers but also the fellow students. Through group projects as well as active participation in alumni events, I developed a fruitful and enriching network of like-minded friends outside my normal circles.

Needless to say, I constantly found myself increasingly reaching out to this academic vehicle both professionally and personally."