World Class Management Development Series

Yale School of Management Program on
"From Engagement to Collaboration and Synergy:
Creating Organizational Authenticity"

29 & 30 March 2017

Program Overview

The Institute of Advanced Management Development of The Hong Kong Management Association will be bringing in Professor George E. Newman of Yale School of Management to Hong Kong to deliver a program on "From Engagement to Collaboration and Synergy: Creating Organizational Authenticity ".

In this 1.5 day course, we will discuss how best to leverage management systems to effectively achieve organizational goals. Drawing insights from management theory as well as cutting-edge research, we will consider the choices made in hiring, employee incentives, and exercising interpersonal leadership. We will discuss strategies that best align your employees' actions with the organization's goals and objectives, while also empowering your employees to uphold their personal values and ethics on the job, even when confronted with pressures to do otherwise.

Program Outline

  • Aligning Tasks and Compensation
    This session focuses on the importance of aligning organizational incentives with the design of jobs. Employees' decisions about whether or not to support organizational goals obviously depend on the tangible and intangible rewards that employees perceive.
  • The Dynamics of Team Synergy
    The goal of this session is to have participants understand the key team processes and structures that lead some teams to perform better than others. We pay particular attention to the interpersonal skills that allow leaders to identify and leverage the "hidden" expertise in their teams (e.g., building trust).
  • Creating Organizational Authenticity
    We will take a step back and discuss the key levers that managers can use to create trust and perceptions of authenticity for the organization. We will also consider some of the more fundamental principles of human behavior.

Who Should Attend

Senior executives and business leaders who have responsibility for creating trust and perception of authenticity for their organizations.
Program Leader
Professor George E. Newman

The Program Leader

  • An Associate Professor of Management & Marketing, Psychology and Cognitive Science at Yale University
  • A leading scholar in the fields of management studies and consumer behavior
  • In addition to numerous publications in leading scientific journals including Nature and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, his research is regularly featured in popular media outlets such as The New York Times, Scientific American, The Wall Street Journal and The Economist