Executive Certificate in
VR Content Creation
8 January - 5 February 2018


Program Overview

This course takes students into the world of virtual reality by teaching them basic skills on how to make a stunning content using different tools and equipment, and master the camera to shoot amazing 360 video and photo. It is stressed on learning by doing so there will be many hands-on exercises. Students will also have an opportunity to see the latest 360 cameras and the key features of both consumer and professional grades.

Program Objectives

  • Acquire basic knowledge of creating stunning VR content, camera operation and post-production tool sets
  • Acquire techniques on producing provocative marketing assets in VR
  • Understand the power and limitation of VR

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for senior executives, decision markers, amateurs or semi-professionals who wish to get into VR 360 content creation.

About the Lecturer

Dr Philippe Gerard joined JetOne Motion in 2016 as Chief Creative Officer and responsible for creating original VR/AR content, experience, and movie. He is also in charge of company's strategic business development in Europe and also actively engaged in innovating VR/AR content and technologies.

Prior to joining JetOne Motion, he was the CEO of a French production company - 3DLIZED, and created more than 60 hours of 3D content in the last 6 years. He earned a Master of Business and Administration at ISG Paris, and also earned a Master's Degree in Movie Directing, a PhD in Computer Science in Artificial Intelligence and Image processing and a Master's Degree in Electronic.

Art comes first but to get the best of new format (3D, VR, AR, MR) it is important to master the technologies to reach more creative content. Philippe was a project officer at the French government and in charge of more than 200 National research projects related to Cinema, Video, Virtual Reality, AR, Robotic, AI and Sound. Philippe has worked in 3D and VR for prestigious clients, such as David Guetta, Kamel Ouali, Kenzo, and Dassault aviation, just to name a few.

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Program Fee

HKMA Members: HK$5,300
Non-members: HK$5,800

Enquiries: 2774 8552 Ms Diana Li
Email: dianali@hkma.org.hk