Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology -
Disrupting the World Economy

6 December 2018

Seminar Overview

What is Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology? How are they related to each other? Is it just a hype or a real technology that would actually disrupt the world economy?

In this seminar you will hear from the pros who are actually doing it commercially and technically.

They will share their actual experiences in the field that include business tokenization, blockchain application, ICO, crypto market analysis, and investment strategy and trend.

You will also see demos of various blockchain applications in action as well as the highlight of the seminar which is to show audience how to install and activate a crypto E-Wallet.

As a token of participation, each audience will receive a FREE token send to his/her E-Wallet instantly in real-time.

This is a kind of seminar you don't wanna miss if you are curious about cryptocurrency, market trend, and blockchain technology with a unique opportunity to gain a first-hand experience with E-Wallet activation.

Keynote Speaker

Mr Kevin Chan

Co-Founder & COO
VirtualCyte and CyteCoin

Guest Speakers

Mr Henry Yu

Founding Partner
L&Y Law Office

Mr Leo Chiu

Venture Partner/Advisor
Spike Ventures


Date: Thursday, 6 December 2018
Time: 3:30pm - 5:30pm
Venue: The Hong Kong Management Association
Pico Tower
66 Cloucester Road
Fee: HK$800 (HKMA Member)
HK$990 (Non-Member)

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Enquiries: 2774 8552 Ms Diana Li