Achieving More with Less:
Managing the Core Agenda and New Initiatives at the Same Time

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Program Overview

The Hong Kong Management Association has the pleasure to introduce Mr. Chuck Bauer, the effectiveness master to conduct a live seminar on "Achieving More with Less: Managing the Core Agenda and New Initiatives at the Same Time". In this 8 hour seminar, Mr. Chuck Bauer is sharing with you the facts on effectiveness, the secret weapons to raise work time effectiveness and the organizational protocol to spread the effectiveness all the way down to the work level. In short, it is a workshop which your competitors would not like you to attend.

About the Program Leaders

The Live Seminar is co-staged by Mr. Chuck Bauer and Dr. Ngan Lei Tjen. Mr. Bauer has delivered more than 500 seminars to numerous leaders and entrepreneurs from financial industry, software industry and financial services industry, just to name a few. The seminar content is based on 10,000+ live observation sessions. Mr. Bauer has several hit topics such as "Running the Business rather than Letting the Business Running You", "SalesMastery" and to "TimeMastery". Dr. Ngan Lei Tjen is a veteran corporate leader and business consultant whose training programs had won the Award for Excellence in Training and Development from the Hong Kong Management Association.

Content Highlight

Extreme Focus
  • Extreme Focus
  • Communication Protocol to Ensure Corporate Focus
  • Priority Codes to Ensure Corporate Focus
New way of Thinking
  • Employing Technology for Vivid Communications with More Outcomes
  • Distorted Thinking Style (DTS)
  • Conflict Resolution
Interactive Coaching to Solve Real Problems
  • Your Friend's Effectiveness Matters
  • Conclusion

Date and Time

Thursday, 27 June 2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


The Hong Kong Management Association
1-6/F First Commercial Building
33-35 Leighton Road
Causeway Bay

Program Fee

HKMA Member: HK$4,650
Non-member: HK$4,950
Early bird discount:
HK$800 less per person
(for payment received one month before course commencement)

Program Details

Ms Cassie Cheuk 2774-8594
For programme flyer, please click HERE.

If you like to bring Mr Chuck Bauer in-house to benefit more of your colleagues, please contact Mr S H So at 2774 8550 or email