World Class Executive Programme


12 December 2019


We live in an interconnected world where the old answers don't seem to apply, where even successful businesses need to embrace radical change, where global challenges demand collaboration and innovation on a new scale, where choices seem overwhelming. Now more than ever, we need to be flexible, nonlinear, and ready for change. And that's where design thinking and strategic foresight can make the difference.

This program arises out of the outstanding achievements of Stanford's design community in developing human-centered skill sets and toolkits that anyone can adopt. It will introduce design thinking and strategic foresight, and explain how they can generate innovative solutions to challenges we face in our businesses, organizations, and teams. The program will answer questions like: How do we foster a lasting culture of innovation in our business or organization? How do we generate more ideas that we can act on across our groups? How do we build a leadership team that is smart about innovation? How do we model our competitive landscape as it reaches into the future? How do we pick the right idea to develop? How should we understand who is our future customers? The program will be delivered via interactive video conference. Participants in Hong Kong will be able to share their thoughts with participants in Stanford.Participants will receive a certificate from Stanford Continuing Studies upon completion of the program.

Program Leader

Senior founding faculty of Stanford Archaeology Center, Michael is a Professor of Classics, and a member of the Center for Design Research in Stanford's world renowned Design School, offering long term perspectives on how we understand creativity, innovation, and change on material objects and business development. As co-director of Stanford Humanities Lab (2004-2009), Michael pioneered radical experiments in project-based transdisciplinary learning, a deep commitment to innovation in learning that carries into a new online program he is heading with Stanford Continuing Studies on how to use strategic foresight and design thinking in businesses, organizations, project teams and everyday personal life. Michael's scholarly and consulting activity includes long-term social and cultural modeling as a key to planning the future, as well as collaborative networks and agile project management. He lectures and consults internationally on innovation and urban futures.

Program Fee

HKMA Member: HK$5,380
Non-member: HK$5,980
Group discount: HK$300 (For companies which send a total of 2 or more participants to this program and enroll at the same time)

For enrolment of more than 3 people, please contact Ms Winnie Co at 2774-8594 or


Ms Winnie Co 2774-8594
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