Building Resilience How to strengthen your core to meet the Challenges of Life & Work

Commencement Date

22 Mar 2017

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(For enrollment, please call Enrolment Section on 2774 8500 during office hours.)

A multitude of exercise programmes have sprung up to help people strengthen their ' 'core ' ' - their spines and mid sections to keep them upright and withstand the pressures of gravity. The Building Resilience programme strengthens the core of an individual's attitudes, values and communication abilities to better withstand the stresses of change. These are the changes - both predictable and unpredictable - that we are faced with every day. Participants will gain knowledge, skills and support to enhance their personal health and productivity. Building Resilience will be delivered as a high energy and highly interactive workshop.
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Member Fee

HK$ 3,000

Non-member Fee

HK$ 3,200 


For reservations and general enquiries, please call Customer Services Department on 2774 8501 or via fax 2774 8503.