Executive Diploma in Digital Marketing


With nearly 5 mil netizens and 2 mil online shoppers in Hong Kong, digital marketing is a growing trend and cost-effective way to acquire and engage customers, not to mention if your company aims at the global market. According to the "Advertising Spending Projections 2012" survey organized by Hong Kong Advertisers Association, although TV (27%) and newspapers (22%) still account for the biggest share of advertising budget allocation, but digital media (18%) is gaining momentum. A comprehensive strategy that capitalizes the benefits on both traditional and digital media would be more effective.

Is digital marketing part of your marketing plan? For your competitors it probably is. Register this course now to stay ahead and unlock the potential of digital marketing for your business!

Why Study this Course?

Able to fathom the essence of digital marketing can help you breakthrough your career and business. Taught by experienced digital marketing experts, this course covers well-rounded digital marketing topics from website to e-commerce, social commerce, email marketing, display, search, mobile and social media, with concepts, practical guidelines, real case studies and useful tips to help you grasping the know-how of digital marketing in short-time.

Expected Learning Outcome

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to learn:

  • Know-how of building brand, growing business and connecting with customers via various digital marketing medium.
  • Critical successful factors of an effective website, e-commerce and social commerce.
  • Valuable digital marketing lessons from real case studies.


The programme consists of three modules, important employment ordinance and taxation topics will be covered as the programme is designed to develop a thorough knowledge of employment ordinance and taxation in both theoretical and applied dimensions.

Module 1 Digital Marketing Overview, Website Management, E-Commerce, Social Commerce, and Email Marketing
Module 2 Online Display Advertising, Mobile Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing
Module 3 Social Media

Language Medium

Cantonese (English Materials)

Member Fee

HK$ 9,000  (Group Discount: HK$300 each, For those companies which send a total of two OR more participants to this course and enroll at the same time)

Non-member Fee

HK$ 9,900  (Group Discount: HK$300 each, For those companies which send a total of two OR more participants to this course and enroll at the same time)

Application Period

The programme commences in April and October each year, and the application deadline is 2 weeks prior to the commencement date.


Enrolment and Enquiry Hotline:
2774 8500 or 2774 8501

For course details:
Ms Shirley Chan 2774 8569
For administration matters:
Ms Annie Tang 2774 8546