Executive Diploma in Fundraising Management


Nowadays, non-profit organizations often maintain their operations through fund-raising. In order to secure funds, fundraisers should offer professional service with commitment and accountability to make a difference for good, in particular, donor relations; planning, managing, and evaluating fundraising campaigns; marketing and fundraising in the nonprofit sector; ethics and professionalism, or gift planning, corporate fundraising, special events, and entrepreneurial fundraising, in addition to a diversity of other cost-efficient fundraising techniques. The demand for high quality fundraising professionals has never been greater.


The Executive Diploma in Fundraising Management program aims to promote the professional practice of fundraising, to enhance individual's knowledge and skills to succeed in the nonprofit sector, in ethical philanthropic fundraising and, in addition, to prepare fundraising executives to take the Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) International examinations.

Programme Structure

Module 1 - Prospect and Donor Research
Module 2 - Strategies and Plans
Module 3 - Relationship Building
Module 4 - Volunteer Involvement
Module 5 - Leadership and Management
Module 6 - Ethics and Accountability

Language Medium

Cantonese and English, where appropriate (Course materials, assessments and final examinations will be in English)


For this course details:
Matthew Lee: 3958 4803
Email: matthewlee@hkma.org.hk
Fax: 2365 1000
General Enquiry & Enrollment
2774 8500 or 2774 8501


HK$ 19,800  (1st instalment $3,300 x 2 + $200 application fee, 2nd instalment $3,300 x 2, 3rd instalment $3,300 x 2)

Entry Requirements

1. Be secondary school graduates (F.5);
2. Possess 2 or more years of working experience;
3. Have a reasonable command of written/spoken English

Information of Exemption
Applicants who have studied similar courses before can apply for exemptions for up to 2 modules of the program. The application form for exemption can be downloaded from our website: http://www.hkma.org.hk/pd/edfrm


For this course details:
Matthew Lee: 3958 4803
Email: matthewlee@hkma.org.hk
Fax: 2365 1000
General Enquiry & Enrollment
2774 8500 or 2774 8501

Application For Initial Certification CFRE International

Full participation in the Executive Diploma in Fundraising Management program is applicable for 80 points in Category 1.B - Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

After passing the examination, you will be CFRE certified which is a professional achievement for executives who would like to pursue their career in fundraising. It increases your career advancement opportunities and connects you with an extensive network of fundraising professionals around the world.

CFRE Certification

To earn CFRE certification, fundraising professionals must meet education, professional practice, and professional performance requirements; pass a comprehensive exam on best practices in ethical fundraising; and attest that they are knowledgeable and abide by the International Statement of Ethical Principles in Fundraising as well as laws governing fundraising in their region of practice.
The CFRE is the only accredited, globally recognized certification for fundraising professionals. The CFRE certification program is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which confers independent, widely respected national and international validation of the rigor of CFRE certification. Research shows that accredited certification programs are consistently preferred by employers because they drive quality and improve results.

Application Requirements For Initial Certification

Applications for Initial Certification require candidates to document information in three categories: Education, Professional Practice, and Professional Performance. The application works on a point system.

Candidates must document a minimum number of points in each of the three categories in order to be approved to take the CFRE examination. Your online application at My CFRE will automatically calculate points for you.

Your application must be approved before you can be scheduled for the CFRE exam.

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