Executive Diploma in Digital Public Relations


Digital public relations (PR) is a fast-growing field in which firms manage the digital reputation of their clients. A digital PR specialist works in a variety of ways, from creating email newsletters and podcasts to representing clients on industry message boards and blogs. In order to become a digital PR specialist, you'll need general public-relations skills plus some specific knowledge of the online medium.


This Executive Diploma aims to:

  • Provide students with knowledge, understanding and intellectual skills in digital public relations;
  • Understand and able to adopt in the transformation in the digital era of the public relations field;
  • Equip students with practical and transferable skills that can be used for public relation purposes especially with specialization on digital media or tools.

Benefits in Completing This Course

Upon completion of this Executive Diploma in Digital Public Relations, you should be able to:

  • Develop awareness of the essential issue that is critical to the success of digital PR campaign;
  • Equip with knowledge and skills on strategic and operational needs level;
  • Identify the suitable digital channel for PR purpose such as conducting environmental scanning, persuading, bridging the served organization and the public.

Programme Structure

The Executive Diploma in Digital Public Relations consist of 3 modules:

  • Module 1: Digital Public Relations
  • Module 2: Hong Kong Digital Reputation Management
  • Module 3: Digital PR Strategy


Module 1: Digital Public Relations

  • Digital PR - Role and Goal
  • How digital has changed the role of traditional PR
  • Tools for Digital PR
    • Search engine Optimization
    • Social Media
    • Blogging
    • Search and Social Media Monitoring
  • Impact of new media on consumers, shareholders and business
  • The architecture of participation - how to get your audience involved: touchpoint management

Module 2: Hong Kong Digital Reputation Management

  • How to develop online content and seed it online
  • How to develop a relationship with bloggers and online influencers
  • Broadcast and response via digital channel
  • Feedback Management
  • Crisis Management

Module 3: Digital PR Strategy

  • Digital PR strategy
  • Client Briefs - elements for and how to write PR message
  • Digital PR metrics and Key Performance Index
  • Be your own PR or outsourcing?
  • Case Studies


A student who has satisfied all requirements and completing all 3 modules will be awarded the Executive Diploma in Corporate Management and Governance issued by The Hong Kong Management Association.

Satisfactory Completion of a Module

A minimum of 70% attendance is required for satisfactory completion of a module. Students must successfully complete the coursework for each module.

Language Medium

Cantonese (supplemented with English) The programme will be delivered in Cantonese, and the course material will be in English.

Member Fee

HK$ 9,000  (*)

Non-member Fee

HK$ 9,900  (*)

* Group Discount: HK$300.00 per participant
(For those companies which send a total of two OR more participants to this course and enroll at the same time))


For enrolment enquires and general enquiries , please call Customer Services Department on 2774 8501 / 2774 8500 or via fax 2774 8503.
For course details, please call Ms Shirley Chan on 2774 8569.
Students Support
For Course administration matters, please call Ms Miranda Shek on 2774 8564.