Diploma in Secretarial Studies

To cope with the growing and immediate need for professional secretaries in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Management Association organizes the Diploma in Secretarial Studies. The course is most suitable for those who want to join the secretarial profession and for those who prepare to attain the City & Guilds Diploma in Business Skills (Level 1).

To obtain the City & Guilds Diploma in Business Skills (Level 1), participants must have successfully completed the single subject awards within two years. Applicants should complete and send the application form, together with the result slips or photocopies of the certificates issued by the City & Guilds Qualifications and the appropriate fee, to the City & Guilds Qualifications. Please refer to the City & Guilds` website: http://www.cityandguilds.com.hk for more details.

Course Structure

This Secretarial Studies course can be completed in seven months. It consists of six modules, with a certificate being awarded upon successful completion of the course.

  1. Word Processing Techniques*
  2. Spreadsheet Processing* & Desktop Publishing
  3. English for Business Communications*
  4. Book-keeping*
  5. Putonghua/Chinese Correspondence
  6. Office Procedures*
  7. * subjects required by the City & Guilds Certificate in Business Skills (Level 1)

Language Medium

Cantonese (supplemented with English)


HK$ 4,500  (HK$4,500 per term or HK$1,530 per subject. Tuition fee is calculated by term, 2 terms in total for the whole programme, excluding examination fees for professional examinations)

Entry Requirements

Preferably Form 5

Application Period

The City & Guilds Secretarial Studies course commerce in Jan, Apr, Jul & Nov during the year 2017 and the application deadline is normally two weeks prior to the commencement date


Mr Perry Wong: 2448 5111
Ms Winnie Sit: 2448 5112
Email: tsw@hkma.org.hk
Fax: 2774 8503

General Enquiry Hotline:
2774 8500 OR 2774 8501