What's Your Point? Think Clearly, Write Concisely

Commencement Date

8 Jun 2017

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    What's Your Point? Think Clearly, Write Concisely is a program designed to help anyone who needs to improve their clarity of thought and communication. It is based on the work of Barbara Minto, a former McKinsey consultant and author of The Minto Pyramid Principle. It is a highly engaging and interactive experience for anyone who wants to learn the concepts and techniques that will materially enhance their ability to think clearly and write concisely.

    By deliberately thinking first and writing later as suggested by the Pyramid Principle, participants will be able to significantly:

    • Reduce the time to produce a final draft
    • Increase its clarity and
    • Decrease its length

    Language Medium


    Member Fee

    HK$ 3,980

    Non-member Fee

    HK$ 4,180 


    For reservations and general enquiries, please call Customer Services Department on 2774 8501 or via fax 2774 8503.