HR Roundtable Resilient Leadership - the H.E.R.O. approach

Commencement Date

24 Mar 2017

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(For enrollment, please call Enrolment Section on 2774 8500 during office hours.)


Hope - visionary skill that will strengthen our sense of purpose as a leader, to head for strategic outcomes for our department and organization

Efficacy - creative problem-solving skills that help us find a path and lead through the difficult times and obstacles ahead

Resilience - emotional intelligence skills that raise our emotional capacity, so that we can benefit from the guiding signals and energy they offer

Optimism - positive relationship skills that enhance our management ability to find allies and draw in support from other departments, business partners and colleagues

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Member Fee

HK$ 100

Non-member Fee

HK$ 280 


For reservations and general enquiries, please call Customer Services Department on 2774 8501 or via fax 2774 8503.


This Certificate Course is included in the Credit Accumulation Scheme. Participants who have accumulated 90 Certificate Course hours are eligible to apply for the Advanced Diploma in Professional Development. For further information, please visit our website: