Seminar on Digital Leadership in Healthcare Management: A Case Study with XYZ Hospital

Commencement Date

31 May 2017

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Business transformations in today's evolving digital environment call on firms to operate at two different speeds - the traditional speed to meet established business market needs, and a faster speed to explore new opportunities enabled by advanced digitization. To operate at a faster speed, firms must use entrepreneurial thinking to generate ideas that create customer value (INNOVATION), design digital or IT enabled services quickly by leveraging new technologies (TECHNOLOGY), and assess commercial viability and deliver these services quickly to meet customer expectations (STRATEGY).

The agility with which an organization can build an organizational capability to integrate innovation, technology, and strategy is the essence of Digital Leadership, and such a capability needs co-leadership of both IT and business executives. In this seminar, we will look at how a hospital has transformed its care services using digital leadership.

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