Yale School of Management Program on "From Engagement to Collaboration and Synergy: Creating Organizational Authenticity"

Commencement Date

29 Mar 2017

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On a daily basis, your employees will be confronted with innumerable decisions, each of which represents an opportunity to take (or not take) actions that support the organization's goals and objectives. How your employees act when confronted with these decisions will depend in part on who they are as individuals - their values, beliefs, and capabilities.

In this 1.5 day course, Professor George E. Newman of Yale School of Management will teach participants how best to leverage management systems to effectively achieve organizational goals. Drawing insights from management theory as well as cutting-edge research, we will consider the choices made in hiring, employee incentives, and exercising interpersonal leadership. We will discuss strategies that best align your employees' actions with the organization's goals and objectives, while also empowering your employees to uphold their personal values and ethics on the job, even when confronted with pressures to do otherwise.

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Member Fee

HK$ 25,800

Non-member Fee

HK$ 27,800 


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