Courses Commencing in October 2017

Tony Buzan LIVE in Hong Kong - Developing A Creative Mindset In the Innovative Economy (AC-47449-2017-1-P)
復旦大學MBA講座系列: 從萬科事件看中國大陸的公司治理 (SGB-47565-2017-1-F)
The Happiness Advantage - Orange Frog Workshop (SG-A6937-2017-1-SS)
Introduction to Virtual Reality (SG-A6936-2017-4-SS)
Essentials of Contract Law (TS-47535-2017-3-FC)
Strategic Digital and Social Media Marketing in the New Age (SG-86797-2017-2-FC)

Courses Commencing in November 2017

Enhancing Employee Engagement (TS-36672-2017-3-FC)
Tort Law Essentials (TS-47560-2017-3-FC)
Introduction to Virtual Reality (SG-A6936-2017-5-SS)
Company Law Essentials for Non-Legal Professionals (TS-47559-2017-3-FC)
Developing Your Team''s Potential Through Experiential Learning (AC-47572-2017-1-NL)
Internet Business: Trends, Opportunities & Threats (AC-47571-2017-1-F)
Communicating with Different Personalities - How to flex and communicate with them (SG-47554-2017-3-F)
One-day Workshop on Pass(TM) - Planning A Successful Strategy (AC-A6714-2017-4-FC)
How to Speak so People Listen and How to Listen so People Speak (SG-A6741-2017-2-FC)
Cutting-Edge Lifter Leadership (AC-A6916-2017-2-F)

Courses Commencing in December 2017

Introduction to Virtual Reality (SG-A6936-2017-3-SS)
Workshop on Business Presentation with Storytelling (SG-A6901-2017-3-FC)
Leading a Flourishing Career by Unleashing Your Character Strengths (TS-A6906-2017-3-FC)
From Retention to Engagement: Creating a Great Employee Experience at Work (SG-A6935-2017-1-FC)
Commercial Contract Law for Managers and Professionals (TS-47536-2017-3-FC)
Mastering Self Empowerment for Optimal Performance (TS-A6907-2017-3-FC)

Courses Commencing in January 2018

mindPower Innovation (TS-47450-2018-1-SS)
Past Courses