Business Management

Workshop on Business Presentation with Storytelling (SG-A6901-2017-2-FC)
One-day Workshop on Pass(TM) - Planning A Successful Strategy (AC-A6714-2017-4-FC)

Creative Thinking & Innovation

Edward de Bono''s programme; the power of Perception (TM): Tools to Enhance Perceptual Insights (AC-47123-2017-4-FC)

Customer Services

A 1-Day Seminar on Dealing with Difficult Customers (SG-86721-2017-2-F)

Finance and Accounting

A Workshop on Finance for Non-Financial Managers (TS-26774-2017-3-FC)
A Workshop on Strategic Credit Management Workshop - China Chapter (ACB-47517-2017-2-FC)

Lifestyle/Beauty/Wine/Body Shaping

辦公室與家居風水環境學 (初階) (TS-B0037-2017-3-SS)

Leadership, Management Skills and Human Resources Development

Negotiation and Mediation Skills for Non-Mediators (TS-A6904-2017-3-FC)
Collaborative Win-Win Negotiation Skills (SG-A6825-2017-3-F)

Human Resources Management

A 2-Day Workshop on Training the Trainer (SGB-A6564-2017-3-FC)

Legal and Law

Essentials of Contract Law (TS-47535-2017-3-FC)
Past Courses