Business Management

Communicating with Different Personalities – How to flex and communicate with them (SG-47554-2017-2-F)
Evening Talk on Conflict Management (ACB-47528-2017-1-SS)
Introduction to Virtual Reality (SG-A6936-2017-1-SS)
Introduction to Virtual Reality (SG-A6936-2017-2-SS)

Leadership, Management Skills and Human Resources Development

Team Leadership Competencies - Coaching Skills for Effective Leadership (SG-A6867-2017-2-F)
A 1-Day Workshop on High Impact Presentation Skills (SG-A6597-2017-3-F)
A 2-Day Workshop on The Making of a Successful Manager (SG-46694-2017-3-F)
A Workshop on Effective Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills (SGB-46580-2017-2-FC)
Leading Above the Line - Becoming an Emotional Healthy Leader (TS-A6851-2017-2-FC)

Human Resources Management

A 2-Day Workshop on Training the Trainer (SG-A6519-2017-2-FC)

Marketing/Digital Marketing/Sales

Strategic Digital and Social Media Marketing in the New Age (SG-86797-2017-1-FC)
復旦大學MBA講座系列: 改變顧客行為的心理力量 (SGB-86793-2017-1-F)
Past Courses