Courses Commencing in January 2020

Professional Diploma in Property & Facilities Management
Professional Diploma in Purchasing and Merchandising Management
- A Professional Purchasing Course

Courses Commencing in December 2019

[全額資助] 把握機遇 - 青年新路向計劃
(專為 18-25歲 DSE畢業生而設)
[全額資助] 把握機遇 - 青年新路向計劃
(專為 18-25歲 DSE畢業生而設)
[全額資助] 把握機遇 - 青年新路向計劃
(專為 18-25歲 DSE畢業生而設)

Courses Commencing in November 2019

Professional Diploma for Company Secretaries

Courses Commencing in October 2019

Executive Diploma in Project Management

Courses Commencing in September 2019

Advanced Diploma in Healthcare Service Management

Courses Commencing in August 2019

Executive Diploma in e-Logistics Operation & Management

Courses Commencing in July 2019

Executive Diploma in Employment Income Tax (HK & PRC)

Courses Commencing in June 2019

Macquarie University Graduate School of Management, Australia
Graduate Certificate of Management
Macquarie University Graduate School of Management, Australia
Graduate Diploma of Management

Courses Commencing in March 2019

Executive Diploma in Corporate Governance and Compliance - Healthy Legitimate Operation and Malpractice Avoidance
Diploma in Children Nutrition and Dietary Management
Executive Diploma in Commander Training for Disciplinary and Security Forces
Executive Diploma in Fintech

Courses Commencing in February 2019

Executive Diploma in Human Resources Analytics - Data, Decisions, Applications

Courses Commencing in January 2019

Diploma in Business (Foundation Year)

Courses Commencing in September 2018

Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Studies for Sustainable Development - by game-based and outdoor learning

Courses Commencing in May 2018

Leading to Middlesex University, United Kingdom
BSc Hons Information Technology and Business Information Systems
NCC Education Level 4 Diploma in Business Information Technology (QCF)

Courses Commencing in April 2018

Professional Diploma in Jewelry Design

Courses Commencing in March 2018

Advanced Diploma in Commander Training

Courses Commencing in February 2018

Executive Diploma in Cyber Security

Courses Commencing in August 2017

Professional Diploma in Hospitality Management

Courses Commencing in April 2017


Courses Commencing in December 2016

Professional Diploma in Accountancy

Courses Commencing in November 2016

Advanced Diploma in 生活經絡腧穴學

Courses Commencing in August 2016

Jointly organized with Hong Kong Legal Training Institute

Executive Diploma in Intellectual Property Licensing Law
Jointly organized with Hong Kong Legal Training Institute

Executive Diploma in Competition Law and Consumer Contracts
Executive Diploma in Crowd Management

Courses Commencing in July 2016

Executive Diploma in Business and Labour Law in China

Courses Commencing in May 2015

Executive Diploma in Management Consulting at Postgraduate Level

Courses Commencing in March 2014

Executive Diploma in Consumer Market and Regulations in China

Courses Commencing in August 2013

Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Business Management (Part-time Evening Programme)

Courses Commencing in March 2007

Jointly organized with AFA International
Executive Diploma in Financial Planning