Business Management

Enhancing Employee Engagement (TS-36672-2017-3-FC)
Introduction to Virtual Reality (SG-A6936-2017-5-SS)
Developing Your Team''s Potential Through Experiential Learning (AC-47572-2017-1-NL)
Communicating with Different Personalities - How to flex and communicate with them (SG-47554-2017-3-F)
Internet Business: Trends, Opportunities & Threats (AC-47571-2017-1-F)
One-day Workshop on Pass(TM) - Planning A Successful Strategy (AC-A6714-2017-4-FC)
How to Speak so People Listen and How to Listen so People Speak (SG-A6741-2017-2-FC)
Cutting-Edge Lifter Leadership (AC-A6916-2017-2-F)

Creative Thinking & Innovation

Edward de Bono''s Programmes -Simplicity(TM) (AC-A6645-2017-5-FC)

Finance and Accounting

A 2-Day Workshop on Strategic Credit Management Day 1: Mastering the Skills of Effective Credit Management (AC-47204-2017-2-FC)
A 2-Day Workshop on Strategic Credit Management Day 2: Effective Asset Tracing, Debt Collection and Skip Tracing Techniques (AC-47205-2017-2-FC)

Leadership, Management Skills and Human Resources Development

A 1-Day Seminar on How to Work With Your Bosses, Peers and Subordinates (SG-47493-2017-3-F)
Influencing Skills (SG-A6862-2017-3-F)
How to Manage Disagreement and Conflicts Constructively (SG-47513-2017-3-F)
A 2-Day Workshop on The Making of a Successful Manager (SG-46694-2017-4-F)
Leading Above the Line - Becoming an Emotional Healthy Leader (TS-A6851-2017-3-FC)
Team Leadership Competencies - How to Lead through Active Engagement (SG-A6863-2017-3-F)
A Holistic, Systematic and Rational Approach to Problem Solving & Decision Making (SG-A6858-2017-3-F)
Team Leadership Competencies - How to Motivate and Get the Best out of People (SG-A6864-2017-3-F)

Human Resources Management

Developing Training Plan for Your Company (SGB-A6899-2017-1-FC)
Optimizing Potential Through Personality Awareness-Talent Development Management Focused on the Five-Factor Model of Personality (AC-A6683-2017-2-FC)
Be A Certified Behavioral Consultant-DISC Certification By the Institute for Motivational Living, USA (AC-A6660-2017-5-FC)

Legal and Law

Tort Law Essentials (TS-47560-2017-3-FC)
Company Law Essentials for Non-Legal Professionals (TS-47559-2017-3-FC)

Project Management

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certificate Test Preparation Course (3-day) (AC-A6656-2017-1-FC)
Project Leadership for Success (AC-A6599-2017-2-FC)

Marketing/Digital Marketing/Sales

A 1-Day Seminar on Selling Skills that Sell (SG-86769-2017-3-F)
A Workshop on Excellent Customer Experience and Relationship Management (SGB-86755-2017-3-FC)