Business Management

Active Communicating and Influencing Difficult People (AC-47384-2017-1-FC)
Leading Creative Teams (AC-47408-2017-1-FC)
Enhancing Employee Engagement (TS-36672-2017-1-FC)
Mini-Conference Series 2 - Twenty Years On: The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Sustainable Development: The State of Play in Hong Kong (W-47558-2017-1-SS)
Communicating with Different Personalities V How to flex and communicate with them (SG-47554-2017-1-F)

Creative Thinking & Innovation

Play to Fail Generating innovative ideas and managing people to achieve their creative best (AC-A6908-2017-1-FC)
Edward de Bono''s Programme -Six Value Medals(TM) (AC-47364-2017-1-FC)
Edward de Bono''s Programmes -Six Thinking Hats(R) (AC-47094-2017-2-FC)
Edward de Bono Programme: Lateral Thinking(TM) - Creativity in Action (AC-47103-2017-2-FC)

Finance and Accounting

復旦大學MBA講座系列: 講座(二) 產業經濟 - 平臺經濟條件下産業轉型升級策略 (SGB-26785-2017-1-F)

Lifestyle/Beauty/Wine/Body Shaping

Feng Shui Environment for Home & Office (TS-B0037-2017-1-SS)

Leadership, Management Skills and Human Resources Development

Negotiation and Mediation Skills for Non-Mediators (TS-A6904-2017-1-FC)
Leading Above the Line - Becoming an Emotional Healthy Leader (TS-A6851-2017-1-FC)
Team Leadership Competencies - Coaching Skills for Effective Leadership (SG-A6867-2017-1-F)
A 1-Day Workshop on High Impact Presentation Skills (SG-A6597-2017-2-F)

Human Resources Management

A 2-Day Workshop on Training the Trainer (SG-A6519-2017-1-FC)
Optimizing Potential Through Personality Awareness-Talent Development Management Focused on the Five-Factor Model of Personality (AC-A6683-2017-1-FC)

Languages & Business Communication Courses (English/Spanish/Business Communication)

A 1-Day Workshop on Dealing with Difficult Emails (SG-A6775-2017-1-FC)

Legal and Law

Construction Claims and Contract Management (TS-A6872-2017-1-FC)
Company Law Essentials for Non-Legal Professionals (TS-47559-2017-1-FC)

Marketing/Digital Marketing Management

International Business Experience to Spain - Digital Marketing for Future Leaders (PRC-86795-2017-1-NL)