Business Management

Workshop on Business Presentation with Storytelling (SG-A6901-2017-1-FC)
How to Speak so People Listen and How to Listen so People Speak (SG-A6741-2017-1-FC)
Leading a Flourishing Career by Unleashing Your Character Strengths (TS-A6906-2017-1-FC)
One-day Workshop on Pass(TM) - Planning A Successful Strategy (AC-A6714-2017-2-FC)
Workshop on Be a Digital Disruptor by World-class Management Guru Paresh Shah (AC-A6927-2017-1-F)
Essentials of Mindful Leadership and Management by World-class Management Guru Paresh Shah (AC-A6916-2017-1-F)
Non Obvious Trend Workshop - Learn to Identify and Cash in on Non Obvious Trends by World-class Management Guru Paresh Shah (AC-A6917-2017-1-F)
Mastering Self Empowerment for Optimal Performance (TS-A6907-2017-1-FC)

Creative Thinking & Innovation

Corporate Innovation Program led by Steven Hoffman of Founders Space - #1 Accelerator for start-ups coming to Silicon Valley in Forbes Magazine (AC-A6909-2017-1-FC)
Edward de Bono''s programme; the power of Perception (TM): Tools to Enhance Perceptual Insights (AC-47123-2017-2-FC)
Edward de Bono''s Programme -Simplicity(TM) (AC-A6645-2017-2-FC)

Customer Services

A 1-Day Seminar on Dealing with Difficult Customers (SG-86721-2017-1-F)

Finance and Accounting

A 2-Day Workshop on Strategic Credit Management Day 1: Mastering the Skills of Effective Credit Management (AC-47204-2017-1-FC)
A 2-Day Workshop on Strategic Credit Management Day 2: Effective Asset Tracing, Debt Collection and Skip Tracing Techniques (AC-47205-2017-1-FC)
復旦大學MBA講座系列: 講座(三) 宏觀經濟 - 2017中國經濟的轉型機會分析 (SGB-26786-2017-1-F)

Leadership, Management Skills and Human Resources Development

Collaborative Win-Win Negotiation Skills (SG-A6825-2017-2-F)
A 2-Day Workshop on The Making of a Successful Manager (SG-46694-2017-2-F)
Effective, Clear & Focused Communication Skills (SG-A6868-2017-2-F)

Human Resources Management

A Seminar on How to Manage Problem Employees and Administer Their Performance Improvement Process (SGB-36533-2017-1-FC)
Be A Certified Behavioral Consultant-DISC Certification By the Institute for Motivational Living, USA (AC-A6660-2017-2-FC)
A 2-Day Workshop on Managing the Training and Development Function (SG-A6573-2017-1-FC)

Legal and Law

Insurance Law Essentials in Hong Kong (TS-66527-2017-2-FC)
Commercial Contract Law for Managers and Professionals (TS-47536-2017-2-FC)

Project Management

Project Leadership for Success (AC-A6599-2017-1-FC)
Tools and Techniques for Project Management (AC-A6598-2017-2-FC)

Marketing/Digital Marketing/Sales

微電影製作及推廣課程 (SGB-86786-2017-1-L)