Business Management

What's Your Point? Think Clearly, Write Concisely (SG-A6905-2017-1-SS)
Systematic Approach to Better Work Organisation (SG-A6921-2017-1-P)
The Coaching Clinic(R) (SG-47475-2017-1-FC)
mindPower Innovation (TS-47450-2017-2-FC)

Creative Thinking & Innovation

Building Resilience How to strengthen your core to meet the Challenges of Life & Work (AC-47534-2017-2-FC)
Edward de Bono''s Programme -Six Value Medals(TM) (AC-47364-2017-2-FC)

Customer Services

Service Excellence TM for Frontline Service Providers and Supervisors (SG-86788-2017-1-F)

Finance and Accounting

A Workshop on Finance for Non-Financial Managers (TS-26774-2017-2-FC)
A Workshop on Strategic Credit Management Workshop - China Chapter (ACB-47517-2017-1-FC)

Leadership, Management Skills and Human Resources Development

A 1-Day Seminar on How to Communicate Assertively (SG-A6589-2017-2-F)
A 1-Day Seminar on How to Work With Your Bosses, Peers and Subordinates (SG-47493-2017-2-F)
Team Leadership Competencies - How to Motivate and Get the Best out of People (SG-A6864-2017-2-F)
Persuasion Skills - How to Connect and Persuade (SG-A6826-2017-2-F)
A 2-Day Seminar on How to be a Good Team Leader (SG-47077-2017-2-F)
Assertive Writing - Writing with Greater Impact (AC-A6841-2017-1-FC)
Effective Communication & Leadership: The Yzer Power Dialogue framework(TM) (AC-A6843-2017-1-FC)

Human Resources Management

Be A Certified Behavioral Consultant-DISC Certification By the Institute for Motivational Living, USA (AC-A6660-2017-6-FC)
A 2-Day Workshop on Training the Trainer (SGB-A6564-2017-2-FC)

Information Technology

Workshop on Cyber Security Management (AC-B6048-2017-1-P)

Legal and Law

Legal Matters Concerning Human Resources Management (TS-36674-2017-2-FC)
Company Law Essentials for Non-Legal Professionals (TS-47559-2017-2-FC)

Marketing/Digital Marketing/Sales

A Workshop on Excellent Customer Experience and Relationship Management (SGB-86755-2017-1-FC)
A 1-Day Role-play & Practice Workshop on Mastering Sales Presentation Techniques and Closing Skills (SG-86678-2017-1-F)
剖析搜尋引擎營銷(SEM)的運作及如何活用網上推廣分析工具 (SGB-86796-2017-1-FC)
復旦大學MBA講座系列: 講座(四) 大數據 - 區塊鏈技術:金融創新新思路 (SGB-86792-2017-1-F)