Business Management

The University of Iowa, USA Master of Business Administration
Certificate Course on Leadership and Decision Making Skills
(CB-40028-2018-4-L) 8 Aug 2018
Executive Certificate Course on Management Communication Strategy and Skills (CB-A0190-2018-2-L) 17 Aug 2018
Communicating with Different Personalities - How to flex and communicate with them (SG-47554-2018-2-F) 21 Aug 2018

Event and Hospitality Management

Food Hygiene Manager Certificate Course (G-47252-2018-8-P) 6 Aug 2018

Finance and Accounting

Executive Certificate Course on The PRC Taxation Rules and Regulations (CB-20182-2018-2-SS) 22 Aug 2018

Human Resources Management

A 2-Day Workshop on Training the Trainer (SG-A6519-2018-2-FC) 2 Aug 2018
Be A Certified Behavioral Consultant-DISC Certification By the Institute for Motivational Living, USA (AC-A6660-2018-4-FC) 8 Aug 2018
Certificate Course on Human Resources Management
(CB-30002-2018-6-FC) 22 Aug 2018

Languages / Communication / Presentation

Certificate Course on Professional Business English - Part I: Written Business English
(C-A0062-2018-8-L) 25 Aug 2018
Certificate Course on Professional Business English - Part III: Workplace English Enhancement Workshop
(C-A0064-2018-2-L) 27 Aug 2018

Leadership, Management Skills and Human Resources Development

Seminar on How to be Assertive Communicating Assertively (SG-A6589-2018-2-F) 14 Aug 2018
Workshop on High Impact Presentation Skills (SG-A6597-2018-3-F) 15 Aug 2018
A 2-Day Workshop on The Making of a Successful Manager (SG-46694-2018-3-F) 16 Aug 2018
Practicing How to Give Feedback - both positive and negative (SG-47563-2018-2-F) 22 Aug 2018
Coping with Problem People and Difficult Situations (SG-A6859-2018-2-F) 23 Aug 2018
Team Leadership Competencies - Coaching Skills for Effective Leadership (SG-A6867-2018-2-F) 24 Aug 2018

Secretarial & Company Secretarial Studies

Certificate Course on Company Secretarial Practice - Part II - Company Law (CB-40441-2018-2-FC) 28 Aug 2018