Business Management

The University of Iowa, USA Master of Business Administration
Graduate School of Business, Universiti Sains Malaysia Doctor of Philosophy
The Cambridge Innovation Programme - Managing at the Leading Edge of the New Economy (AC-47539-2018-1-NL) 16 Sep 2018
Think On Your Feet (R) (AC-47118-2018-2-FC) 17 Sep 2018
Executive Certificate Course on Team Management (CB-A0191-2018-2-L) 28 Sep 2018
University of Greenwich, United Kingdom MBA (International Business)

Event and Hospitality Management

Food Hygiene Manager Certificate Course (G-47252-2018-9-P) 3 Sep 2018
Certificate Course Food Hygiene Manager Certificate Course (English Programme)
Certificate Course Food Hygiene Manager Certificate Course (English Programme)
Food Hygiene Manager Certificate Course (G-47253-2018-2-P) 10 Sep 2018

Information Technology

Legal Aspects of Using Social Media in Workplace (TS-33675-2018-2-FC) 20 Sep 2018

Leadership, Management Skills and Human Resources Development

Effective, Clear & Focused Communication Skills (SG-A6868-2018-3-F) 11 Sep 2018
A 2-Day Seminar on How to Be a Good Team Leader (SG-47077-2018-3-F) 12 Sep 2018
Workshop on Time Management (SGB-A6702-2018-2-FC) 12 Sep 2018
Facilitation Skills for Managers (SGB-A6898-2018-1-FC) 12 Sep 2018
Team Leadership Competencies - How to Manage in order to Lead Effectively (SG-A6866-2018-2-F) 18 Sep 2018
Effective Presentation Skills Made Simple (SG-A6871-2018-3-F) 19 Sep 2018

Legal and Law

Fundamental Contract Law for Logistics Managers and Professionals (TS-47537-2018-2-FC) 12 Sep 2018

Marketing/Digital Marketing/Sales

Role-play & Practice Workshop on Mastering Sales Presentation Techniques and Closing Skills (SG-86678-2018-1-F) 10 Sep 2018

Project Management

Tools and Techniques for Project Management (AC-A6598-2018-2-FC) 17 Sep 2018
Project Leadership for Success (AC-A6599-2018-2-FC) 19 Sep 2018
Agile Project Management (AC-A6943-2018-2-FC) 21 Sep 2018

Property Management

Professional Diploma in Property & Facilities Management
Advanced Certificate Course on Estate Management (CB-A0077-2018-4-L) 20 Sep 2018

Secretarial & Company Secretarial Studies

Certificate Course on Company Secretarial Practice - Part II - Company Law (CB-40441-2018-B-FC) 22 Sep 2018