Business Management

The University of Iowa, USA Master of Business Administration
École des Ponts Business School Executive DBA
A Purpose-Driven Doctoral Program to Establish Your Unique Thought-Leadership
The Happiness Advantage - Orange Frog Workshop (SG-A6937-2019-2-SS) 11 Sep 2019
Think On Your Feet (R) (AC-47118-2019-2-FC) 16 Sep 2019
Executive Certificate Course on Team Management (CB-A0191-2019-2-L) 27 Sep 2019

Creative / Design Thinking & Innnovation

The Power of PerceptionTM: Tools to enhance perceptual insights - Edward de Bono's Programmes (AC-47123-2019-2-FC) 24 Sep 2019
Six Thinking Hats (R) - Edward de Bono's Programmes (AC-47094-2019-2-FC) 26 Sep 2019
Simplicity(TM) - Edward de Bono''s Programmes (AC-A6645-2019-1-FC) 27 Sep 2019

Event and Hospitality Management

Food Hygiene Manager Certificate Course
Food Hygiene Manager Certificate Course

Finance and Accounting

Certificate Course on Taxation in Mainland China - Part I : Taxation in Mainland China
(CB-20135-2019-2-SS) 30 Sep 2019

Human Resources Management

Be A Certified Behavioral Consultant-DISC Certification By the Institute for Motivational Living, USA (AC-A6660-2019-4-FC) 9 Sep 2019
A 2-Day Workshop on Managing the Training and Development Function (SG-A6573-2019-2-FC) 9 Sep 2019


Certificate Course on Professional Business English - Part II : Spoken Business English and Social English (C-40601-2019-4-F) 11 Sep 2019

Leadership, Management Skills and Human Resources Development

Facilitation Skills for Managers (SGB-A6898-2019-1-FC) 11 Sep 2019
Effective, Clear & Focused Communication Skills (SG-A6868-2019-3-F) 17 Sep 2019
A 2-Day Seminar on How to Be a Good Team Leader (SG-47077-2019-3-F) 18 Sep 2019
How to Select and Put the Right People in the Right Jobs - Team Leadership Competencies (SG-A6865-2019-1-F) 24 Sep 2019
Peter F. Drucker Academy Workshops - From Strategic Thinking to Result-Driven Execution (SG-A6920-2019-2-FC) 27 Sep 2019

Legal and Law

Company Law Essentials for Non-Legal Professionals (TS-47559-2019-2-FC) 4 Sep 2019
Construction Claims and Contract Management (TS-A6872-2019-3-FC) 18 Sep 2019

Marketing & Sales

A 1-Day Role-play & Practice Workshop on Mastering Sales Presentation Techniques and Closing Skills (SG-86678-2019-1-F) 20 Sep 2019

Project Management

Tools and Techniques for Project Management (AC-A6598-2019-2-FC) 18 Sep 2019
Agile Project Management (AC-A6943-2019-2-FC) 20 Sep 2019

Property and Rental Management

Advanced Certificate Course on Estate Management (CB-A0077-2019-4-L) 19 Sep 2019

Secretarial & Company Secretarial Studies

Certificate Course on Company Secretarial Practice - Part II - Company Law (CB-40441-2019-A-FC) 21 Sep 2019