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Judging Criteria Scores
I. Personal Commitment 30
  1. Demonstrates strong passion for sustainability and long-term vision for a sustainable future
  2. Takes a leading role in driving sustainability visions and strategies of the organization
  3. Demonstrates strong leadership when facing and overcoming sustainability challenges
  4. Shows a clear sustainability commitment with ongoing support and engagement in sustainability
  5. Contributes to thought leadership in sustainability beyond its own organization
  6. Academic, professional awards and other public recognition related to sustainability
II. Sustainability Achievements 50
  1. Signature initiative / policy / on-going practice (30)
    Cites one of the most successful initiatives / policies / on-going practices that the candidate has played a key role in its design, development and implementation over the last five years and highlights his/her contribution and involvement in the following areas:
    1. Strategic thinking behind the initiative / policy / on-going practice
    2. Creativity and Innovation
    3. Leadership and executional excellence
    4. Positive impact on the organization
  1. Achievements in promoting a sustainability culture and integrating sustainability in day-to-day business. For example, strategy, business goals and organization structure. (20)
III. General Contributions 20

Contribution to the development of sustainability in the business community and society, such as leading or engaging in events promoting the importance of sustainability, as well as other sustainability-related pro-bono work, etc.

Total: 100