Awards & Recognition

The following awards will be granted to outstanding programmes by the Panel of Adjudicators:

  • One Gold Award
  • Two Silver Awards
  • Three Bronze Awards
  • Four Excellence Awards

Recipients of HR Professionals' Favourite Campaign will be selected by all participants attending the Final Presentation Seminar.

Recipients of Students’ Favourite Campaign will be selected by student participants attending the Final Presentation Seminar.

A number of Special Award(s) will also be granted to recognize training and development programme(s) with outstanding performance in different individual areas. Participating organizations are requested to indicate which of the following Special Award(s) they would like to compete for:

  • One Gold, Two Sliver, Three Bronze, Four Excellence Awards
  •  |   |   |    Special Awards:
  • Excellent Campaign for Organizations with 500 Employees or Less
  • Excellence in Career Development
  • Excellence in Change Management
  • Excellence in Cultural Change
  • Excellence in Digital Transformation
  • Excellence in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Promotion
  • Excellence in Environmental Sustainability in the Workplace
  • Excellence in Future Skills Development
  • Excellence in Future Talent Development
  • Excellence in Innovation
  • Excellence in Leadership Development
  • Excellence in Performance Improvement
  • Excellence in Programme Design
  • Excellence in Social Impact
  • Excellence in Stakeholder Engagement
  • Excellence in Team Development
  • Excellence in Wellbeing
  • Others: Excellence in __________________________
    (Please specify name of the Special Award that suits your programme)

There are a maximum of three awardees in each Special Award. The Board of Examiners would also suggest other Special Award at their discretion. All Special Awards will be decided by the Board of Examiners.

Please refer to Award Brochure for detailed definitions of Special Awards.