Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is empowered by the Council to supervise in detail the affairs of the Association.

Working Committees
Working Committees of the Association are:

Management Committees
Management Committees advise on the Association's various programmes and help to organize them. The development of management in Hong Kong owes much to the public-spiritedness and enthusiasm of those who generously give their time and expertise to the Association through membership of these nine Committees. They are:

Business Enterprise Management Centre General Committee
The Business Enterprise Management Centre promotes better management, especially for smaller businesses, and conducts its activities in Chinese. It organizes conferences, seminars and co-ordinates the Chinese educational activities of the Association. The General Committee guides, organizes, monitors and upgrades the services offered by the Centre.

Theme Year Working Party
The Theme-Year concept was introduced by the Association in 1985 and is designed to bring focus on key issues of management or economics of relevance to Hong Kong at the time. The Theme Year Working Party is responsible for planning, implementing and co-ordinating a series of activities pertaining to an annual theme.

Susan Yuen Fellowship and Research Foundation Board of Trustees
To recognize the outstanding services of the late Mrs Susan Yuen to industry and commerce in Hong Kong, members of the Hong Kong Management Association and the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, on the occasion of her retirement as Chief Executive of the two organizations, established the Susan Yuen Fellowship and Research Foundation.

The Foundation is a charitable association governed by the Board of Trustees. The aim of the Foundation is to provide financial support for in-service executives to attend short and practical courses.