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Consortium of Continuing Education Institutions (CCEI)

Overseas Affiliations
Local Education
Lingnan University

China Education

China Education and Research Network

Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics

Overseas Education
Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Australia

The University of Newcastle, Australia
University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

University of Wales, United Kingdom
Glynd?r University, United Kingdom

University of Greenwich, United Kingdom
University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Middlesex University, United Kingdom
National Computing Centre (NCC)

Government Bodies/ Local Organizations
Census and Statistics Department
Education and Manpower Bureau
Consumer Council
Business Entry Portal (BEP)
Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation
Consumer Council Good Corporate Citizen`s Guide

JetOne Motion

Supporting Organizations
Ernst & Young
Entrepreneur Of The Year
SmartHK Jinan
CarbonCare Label
APAC Innovation Summit 2015 Series
- Smart Cities