Specialist Clubs

Human Capital Management Society Club Website!

1. To encourage the introduction and adoption of sound personnel policies and practices into Hong Kong`s commerce and industry.
2. To assist in promoting good management/labour relations in Hong Kong.
3. To provide a meeting ground for persons from all fields who are interested in, or have responsibilities for personnel.

Membership shall be open to persons who are individual members of the HKMA, or whose organizations are Charter/Corporate members of the Association, and who are engaged in any one of the following categories:
- personnel managers and officers in related fields;
- those whose employment involves responsibility for decisions on personnel policies and procedures; and
- teachers of Personnel Management and related subjects at universities, colleges and schools.

For enquiries, please contact Ms Nichola Wong of the Human Capital Management Society Secretariat on 2826 0521 or email: nicholawong@hkma.org.hk